SynthEdit changelog



No issue

fix(se): Fix hanging notes when voice-refresh enabled.


No issue

feat(se): New module - Vector-Knob

fix(freq-analyser): Fixed "Blue flashes"

work on GUI


No issue

fix(vst): Fix Sub-Panels not drawing content.

XPSV - Switch modules drawing correctly.

fix build


No issue

fix(se): Fix unwanted snap-to-grid when only right-clicking an object.

feat(se): New Module "Vector Bar Graph"

fix(se): XPSV - fix plug drawing glitch.

fix(se): "Build code skeleton" now closes XML file before presenting "done" dialog.

XPSV - Connections to Container Spare plugs working.

fix 32-bit build

add missing file

Added vector Ring GUI file

fix(se): Fix crash on selection box.

fix(se):Fix Mac build


fix(se): Fix for PatchMem-List accepting invalid values.

fix(se): Ensure main structure window always opens,

feat9se): new module vector-ring

fix(se): Prevent invalid connections between GUI pins of differing datatype.


No issue

fix(se): Patch Cables should switch on patch change.

tidier JSON

fix subpanel glitch

XPSV work

fix(se):Fix app icon missing.

sync mp_api.h

code tidy


No issue

installer remove "Icon Index" as test

XPSV - Dragging connections working.

  • more tesselator supoort.
  • fix(patch-cables): Patch-cables working again.


    No issue

    fix(se): All parameters now visible on Details Screen.

  • fix(se): Fix crash when changing IPC on patch cables param.
  • fix(se): Don't allow multiple windows on same thing.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix Slider text-entry crash.

    code tidy SE2


    No issue

    improved WV export.

    improved WV export

    work on graphics

    code tidy

    feat(FileDialog): Module now shortens filenames when in default folder.

    feat(se): XPSV Line colors now correct.


    No issue

    fix(se): Panel Background Image now resizeable again.

    grid work

    test new grid lines


    No issue


    XPSV - lines now highlight when selected.

    disabled 'backup' files.

    fix build number on web

    debugging improvements (infinite assert dialogs in OnPaint())


    No issue

    fix UDBN

    updatebuildnumber takes folder as arg[0]

    fix updateBuildNumber relative paths.

    XPSV - Fixed dragging draw artifacts (smear).

    XPSV - combined GUI object lists (children, modules)


    No issue

    fix Timermanager crash

    fix bug in timer manager

    Added FIR-Filters module to installer

    reverb and softdist build platform set to XP on 32-bit build


    No issue

    .net target back to 4.6.2

    WV SSM now exported.

    set all platform tools sets to VS2015


    XPSV more generic object handling

    XP Struct - Lines drawing to correct connection point on containers

    fix mac build


    No issue

    feat(se): New cross-platform MIDI Monitor.

    fix path dependencies

    Panel Views now open only once.

    XPSV - Line selection working

    XPSV - Removed adorners

    XP Struct - selection logic working.

    XP Struct - Container IO plugs drawing.

    fix 32-bit build paths


    No issue

    fix(se): Removed Aero2 framework for Windows 7 compatibility.

    XP Struct - Initial Container drawing.


    No issue

    fix possible crash with feedback modules

    inline bezier functions

    added bezier to lines

    XP Struct - Mouse working on embedded gfx

    XP Struct view, module size working.

    improved DXGUI module arrange()


    No issue

    fix(se): Butterworth filter freq could not go below 10Hz.

    mac assets now taken from SE 1.4 (in developer mode)

    added icon to SynthEdit folder, installer seems to need it at that location.

    code tidy

    DXG tidier module outlines

    DX View - Lines draw to correct end points


    No issue

    test WINVER set for Windows 7


    No issue

    restore hardware acceleration

    fix vtable screwup

    fix paths

    fix icon error

    fix icon path

    fix mac build

    fix(win7): Improve image compositing on Windows 7.

    fix(win7): Fixed brush color gamma.

    delete .wax solution items

    fix mac build

    fix build


    No issue

    fix oversampling control missing from installer

    fix 32-bit installer

    fix build

    mac - removed copy to plugins folder (no permissions on CI)

    mac fix copy files path

    mac fix build

    fix mac build

    mac - fix modules include path setting

    mac - fix more paths

    mac - fix absolute paths in includes

    fix build installer path

    fix build - sdk project not enabled for Win32

    fix xcode build

    attenpt to fix build

    fix mac build (remove angled brackets on include file)

    removed zerocheck project

    Mac - Update all module project files to use relative paths for copy files step.