SynthEdit changelog



No issue

patch cable fix

fix(se): Fix polyphony not working when Patch-Points involved in last poly connection. (e.g. from VCA).

fix(patch-info): Fix doubled-up preset numbering ("55:055 Piano").

fix(VST): Fix possible crash using multiple BPM modules inside oversampler.

  • - code tidy.
  • fix crash in SE

    fix(SE): Fix VST3 Presets being exported to wrong folder ("VST2 Presets").


    No issue

    fix(AU): Popup Menu now supports greyed items and menu separators.

    fix(AU): Popup Menu now shows checkbox on selected item.

    fix(Mac): Fix clipping rectangle calculation (caused blank gfx).

    code tidy

    fix(Mac): Fix possible crash in Ableton.


    No issue

    fix(midi monitor): Fix crash on MIDI CC messages.


    No issue

    fix build

    fix 32-bit build

    replaced all MFC message boxes with native ones.

    XML Import - lines now supported.

    work on XML import

    XPSV - Faster redrawing when moving object in panel-view which i also shown on module.

    XPSV - line highlighting retained during right-click on a module.

    updates from waves

    fix(WavePlayer): Fix UNICODE support.

    fix(WaverPlayer): Fix support for UNICODE filenames.

    fix(WavePlayer): Fix crash on very large samples.

    fix 32-bit build

    WavePlayer ported to Mac

    fix(Wave Player): Fix mac build.

    remove platform dependencies in Wave Player

    added files to mac project

    work on XML import

    fix mac build


    No issue

    fix Mac build


    No issue

    feat(vst3): New preset browsing features.

    work on preset browser

    fix(vst3): Fix possible crash changing preset from Patch-Info module.

    fix 32-bit build


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix Reserve Voice setting ignored in oversampled instrument.

    XPSV - More efficient invalidation with "Show Control on Parent"

    work on XML import

    fix(64-bit) Fix small inaccuracy in drawing of keyboard.


    No issue

    fix(VST64): Fix crash when changing presets that require resetting processor. e.g. sample-rate/patch-cables.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix rotary Switch glitchyness.

    work on drawing arrows

    random number now seeded consistently in unit-testing mode.

    from laptop

    patch point - fix spurious "overwriting buffers" warning.

    XPSV - better line highlighting into containers.


    No issue

    XPSV - hit-testing working on Curvey lines

    XPSV - Curvey lines displayed correctly.

    removed Apple copyright from AU plugins

    fix mac build

    fix(se): Keyboard (XP) fixed mouse playing wrong key on very wide keyboards.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix for hanging note in Poly(Overlap) mode.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix feedback modules.

    XPSV - Node insert working

    fix mac build


    No issue

    unit test now use consistent samplerate and latency adj

    fix(se): Fix Voice held open by unterminated poly patch-point.

    code tidy


    No issue

    from laptop


    No issue

    XPSV - Fix assertion with "Show Controls on Module"

    Fix(se): Fix oversampled synths

  • Fix(se): Fix Keyboard-XP hit detection.
  • v1.4.260

    No issue

    fix poly-to-mono crashing sometimes

    update unit tests

  • fix wave file loader
  • add cancellation utility source

    rename Other Projects folder

    fix build

    fix build

    fix build

    added unit test project to build


    No issue

    improved polyphonic setup.

    improve polyphony calculation

    SDK - fontcache more efficient

    /autorender working.

    added overlap between tiles on panel-group top edge

    panel-group more efficient.

    fix excessive memory use by panel-group

    update cancellation tester

    code tidy

    new command line switch "/autorender" - start playing automatically.

  • improved routing host-controls into oversampler
  • controls: improved font and image caching

    fix(poly-to-mono): Fix crash if not connected.

    improvements to poly oversampling

    more robust polyphony handling

    fix crash with host-controls that exist in parent patch-manager.


    No issue

    disable "browse information" during build, was crashing.


    No issue

    undo skin file export "fix"

    XPSV - Work on adding nodes.

    work on Store Packaging

    add storekey


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix font information not exported.

    fixes from SE 1.3 store packaging project

    update online group URL


    No issue

    fix(se): Reverb - fix Reverb acting polyphonic when placed at end of signal chain.


    No issue

    fix(se): cached images not exporting to VST plugin.

    updates for App Store packaging

    fix(se): Fix for Voices held open with polyphonic patch-cables.

  • fix(se): Fix module execution order bug.
  • fix(se): Export VST now export only relevant skin files.

    add Drawing Test SEM to mac build

    updated Drawing Test module


    No issue

    cancellation code fixes


    No issue

    work on XPSV

    fix(AU): Patch cables responding correctly to mouse.

  • fix(AU): Tinted-Image module colors correct.
  • feat(AU): Reverb and Soft-distortion modules now available on Mac

    update code-signing

    fixes foe XCode10

    fix WV patchcable export

    fix:(VST3): improved message queue load-balancing

    Poly-to-Mono - lower CPU.

    fixes from laptop

    rearrange code to remove need for some source files


    No issue

    Poly-to-Mono more efficient

    XPSV - added node context menu.

    XPSV - node dragging working.


    No issue

    reinstated GUI queue call

    fix build

    code tidy

    code tidy

    better load balancing queue

    implemented load-balancing on Processor -> GUI message queue.

    XPSV - grid border implemented.

    XPSV - Dragging nodes working.

    resize handles larger

    Selection box now Skyblue


    No issue

    fix(AU): Fix crash on ALT-click Slider.

    mac fixes

    fix(au): Modifier keys now working.

    mac - added support for modifier keys.

    SDK - added key modifier flags to mouse events.


    No issue

    fix(se): MIDI-CV2 - fix Poly overlap mode.

    fix(se): MIDI-CV - Gate now remains high when playing same key in poly-soft mode.

  • fix(se): MIDI-CV - in poly-overlap mode, old overlapped notes gate goes low regardless of sustain pedal.
  • XPSV - Improve handle hit test.


    No issue

    fix(SE): Panel-Group smoother on scaled monitors.

    ASIO - more efficient float->int conversion

    improvements to CPU Meter module

    tidy ASIO driver code.

  • tidy CPU measuring code
  • code tidy


    No issue

    fix(vst): Fix Oversampling Rate not initialized correctly.

    fix(se): Fix Volmeter initially drawing blank.


    No issue

    fix: Empty timers now removed from TimerManager.

    fix(se): Fix meters/scopes not updating.


    No issue

    disable CPU logging

    fix(mac): Changed brush gamma correction.

    fix 32-bit build

    fix mac build

    fix build

    fix(AU): Ensure initial patch values correct.

    lighter gray on "greyed"Subcontrols to showup better on Mac

    remove bogus assertion in oversampler

  • update installer
  • add CSC

    XPSV - Container I/O Gui pins drawn correct color.


    No issue

    fix(AU): Fix crash on removing and inserting same plugin to DAW.

    fix(AU): Fix parameter names showing only first letter in DAW.


    No issue

    Less spiky CPU utilisation

    code tidy

    XML Build - fix CPU reporting.

    code tidy

    code tidy

    optimised VCA when used as switch

    CPU Optimisations


    No issue

    test build (vector module list)

    fixes for experimental module list as vector

    XPSV - Fix slider plugs

    fix for voice splitter


    No issue

    improved CPU logging

    fix(se): MIDI CC 120 "All Sound Off" now kills notes quickly regardless of long VCA release times.


    No issue

    code tidy


    added vector option

    CPU Improvements.

    fix(vst3): Default patch names now padded with zeros to aid alphabetic sorting.


    No issue

    fix(vst3): Fix tooltips not showing when Cubase transport runs.


    No issue

    fix crash


    No issue

    fix build (Filters)

    fix(Butterworth Filters): Fix malfunction on Mac.


    No issue

    fix crash


    No issue

    code tidy

    avoid creating unnesc pp-setters

  • upgrade Voice container to std::vector
  • code tidy

    fix Mono mode broken in last release.


    No issue

    code tidy


    No issue

    fix(AU): Fix image masks not working.


    No issue

    Voice zero now exclusivly monophonic modules to accelerate voice allocation.

    updated copyright

    code tidy

    Added CPU logging code

  • Consolidated process functions
  • fix CPU Meter module crashing.


    No issue

    code tidy

    code tidy

    fix WV export

    improved CPU


    No issue

    code tidy

    fix(se): Fix voice-allocation bug.

    fix(wave out): Less offensive clipping on loud signals.


    No issue

    fix WV export xml

    fix from WV

    XPSV - dragging lines now have no arrows

    fix(vst3): Fix for crash when using Fixed-Values modules.


    No issue

    remove diagnostic rectangles

    code tidy

    XPSV - fixed "Structure Group" sizing.

    XPSV - "Arrange" menu available.

    fix for non-voltage Patch Cables


    No issue

    fix Structure-Group module showing on Panel

    remove Patch Cable Diag from 32-bt build


    No issue

    fix for patch cables

    add patch cable diag module to build system


    No issue

    FixedPlugs(se): Better dependency tracing on MIDI-CV


    No issue

    fix(se): Patch cables now "Show on Parent" when parent is "Main" container.


    No issue

    fix(VST3): Attempted fix for "Load Preset" failing intermittently.

    fix(AU): "Save"File dialog working.

    fix(se): Fix crash when inserting prefabs after re-scanning modules or VST Plugins.

    update build dependencies to include SINC filter.

    "Structure Group" module converted to cross-platform module.

    AU - Improved au validation conformance.

    fix(AU): Attempt to fix multichannel support.


    No issue

    fix crash when adder type not available

    code tidy

    fix 32-bit build

    fix WV mac build

    fix build

    more robust feedback modules

    code tidy


    fix(se): Fix Patch-cables not drawing on large panels.

    fix moog filter StabilityCheck event cascade bug.

    XPSV - fix pin colors wrong.

    from WV

    filters - less spiky CPU consumption.

    WIP plug colors


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix crash when using oversampling.


    No issue

    code tidy (Mac)

    fix(se): Fix spurious feedback warnings when controls connected to MIDI-CV

    Improved support for multi-channel plugins on Mac

    fix for Keyboard2


    No issue

    fix crash with Multiple MIDI-CVs in same container.

    fix build

    fix(se): Deleting Patch-Point also deletes Patch-Cable data.

    replace old Voltmeter with new cross-platform one.

    fix mac build

    code tidy

    fix installer build

    fix 32-bit release build

    fix release build


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix status messages not passing through patch-cables.

    fix polyphonic patch cables

  • fix potential crash changing skin
  • XPSV - fix crash after deleting Patch-Automator.

    fix PatchAutomator showing on wrong category in DEBUG mode.

    prefab "live" renamed "Poly Synth"

    code tidy

    fix(se): Fix crash when patch-cable connected from Polyphonic module to outside of polyphonic container.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix crash with oversampling.

    fix(vst3): VST3 plugins now support unlimited in/out channels.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix crash with "Goto Parent" in main container.

    fix(joystick image): Improved mouse hit detection.


    No issue

    XPSV - Containerize supported.

    code tidy

    code tidy

    fix mem leak

    fix(se): Patch cables (not creating feedback loop) more efficient.

    code optimized

    code tidy

    poly oversampling working again



    No issue

    fix crash


    No issue

    code tidy (patch XML)

    fix(se): Fix multiple patch cables to same destination not summing.

    fix(se): Patch Cables can now go into Oversampled Containers.

    XPSV - Patch point calc corrected.

  • SV-Filter2 - code tidy.
  • code tidy

    fix(se): Patch Cable points should work when nested in sub-containers.


    No issue

    Old Moog filter moved to "Old" category.

    fix(1-pole filter) optimised crash detection.

    fix(1-pole-filter): Fix memory leak.


    No issue

    fix(se): Help function works on factory AND 3rd-party modules.

    fix(keyboard): Fix black keys drawing off top a little.

    simplified note-on code.

    fix(se): Keyboard2 now supports Microtuning

    XPSV - Fix plugs sortorder

    fix(se): Parameter Details window now closes when project closed, or another module is clicked.

    removed debugging logs for MTS


    No issue

    XPSV - Fix invalidateRect() offset calculation.

    fix(se): Fix joystick image module crashing when image file does not exist.

    fix(se): Fix ADSR2 help file not found.

    fix Mac build.


    No issue

    fix(VST3): MIDI Tuning persists thru patch-change and sample-rate changes etc.

    fix(se): Fix empty Blob parameters being exported incorrectly as '' (results in fewer VST3 plugin resets).

    vst3: removed unused "isInitialPreset" member.

    vst3: Removed redundant ingore-program-change member.

  • vst3: Processor does not always restart on Program Change.
  • moved "Go to Parent Container" menu to make more accessible.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix XML when Oversampling Mixed with Polyphonic containers.


    No issue

    fix(AU): Imbedded Soundfonts working on Mac.

    fix(AU): Fix crash on creating background image

    fix(se): Fixed erroneous "[NOT FOUND]" log when exporting VST3 plugins with additional files.

    renamed "Embedded Files" dialog to "Copy Additional Files"


    No issue

    fix(vst3): Fix for plugins with more than 2 audio outputs.

    code tidy

    XPSV - Fix context menu location.


    No issue

    better error message

    fixIoPlugDirections(se): Fix XML for oversampled polyphonic containers.

    Added error message for nested MIDI-to-CVs


    No issue

    fix(vst3): BPM Modules more accurate in presence of transport looping.


    No issue

    timing improved

    timing improvements


    No issue

    fix(se): BPM-Clock modules - Slightly better timing.

    fix(vst3): Fixed possible crash in VST3 plugins.

  • added bender to Poly Synth2 prefab
  • updated joystick prefab so mouse-down works on both X and Y parameters.

    INcrement3B code tidy


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix oversampling rate not being exported.


    No issue

    feat(se): New Module Increment3B

    XPSV - Nodes drawing.


    No issue

    XPSV - fix sub-containers moving around when opening SV.

    XPSV - changing module name now updates view.

    fixIoPlugDirections(se): Paste working better.

    code tidy

    fix(se): fix Song Position not updating.


    No issue

    code tidy

    code tidy

    fix 32-bit build.

    added missing header

    from WV

    fix mac build

    fix mac build


    No issue

    global CPU Meter module working

    add cpu meter module


    No issue

    Added peak trace to CPU (Debug) Window.

    improved diagnostics

    Add AudioUnit V3 example/SDK

    optimize VoiceList handling of note-off.

    used "constexpr" where possible.

    feat(se): Added prefab: Minimal Synth

    fix(se): Fix bug in "Debug" windows when using more than 100 voices.

    fixes from WV

    fix(se): Fix memory leak in class LatencyAdjustEventBased2

  • Fix memory leak in class ug_patch_param_watcher
  • fixes from WV

    fix mac build

    XPSV - Support for "Mute".


    No issue

    Hide MIDI channel pins on Patch-Automator on 64-bit, they don't do anything.

    fix(vst3): Fix for List controls with items with negative values.

    fix(vst3): Added "Midi to CV2" module to build.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix for Patch Cables disappearing.

    Voice-Combiner and Poly-to-Mono - CPU improvements.

    fix mac build

    from WV

    optimized Poly-to-Mono module.

    fix(poly-to-mono): Now works when input is monophonic.

    efficiency improvements to parameter-watcher


    No issue

    XPSV - double-click opens Container.

    XPSV - Fix container pin order on SV.


    No issue

    fix(vst3): List parameters behave better in Cubase automation lane.

    from laptop

    fix(se): More efficient use of memory when using polyphonic metering (e.g. Scope3).

    from WV

    Spring module returns, Spring2 retired.

  • Updated prefabs to implement mouse-down connection.
  • fix(vst3): Slider now communicating mouse-held to Cubase.

    fix(se): Fix for recording over automation in Cubase.

    fix Vector Normalize operator

    Fix(poly-to-mono): Fix crash when not connected to anything.

    feat(Poly to mono) - module now utilizes last-not-priority.


    No issue

    code tidy

    fix(vst3): Fix dragging automation points in Cubase.


    No issue

    fix(se): Int-to-Volts and Bool-to-Volts - fixed streaming signaling.

    change export-vst dialog text to "Number of Presets"

    fix(se): "Monitor" module working on 64-bit GUI.

    XPSV - Fix issue opening "Debug" window.


    No issue

    sync w waves

    fix(se): Improved voice-stealing.


    No issue

    module replacements now attempt to retain unique handle. (for snapshots).


    No issue

    fix(se): Impulse Response module now draws on 64-bit GUI.

    fix(se): Keyboard module now showing on GUI (64-bit).


    No issue

    fix(se): Oversampling Control SEM now included in 32-bit installer.

    fix(se): Windows now show titles.

    fix(se): SE now shows project filename in titlebar.

    fix 32-bit build


    No issue

    dummy view now hidden off-screen

    added "Dummy" view in DXSV mode.

    XPSV - Fix Containers not showing.

  • - Open DX-View by default in DEBUG mode.
  • XPSV - Line highlighting working.

    XPSV - Line highlight working.

    XPSV - Tidy graphics.

    fix(sample-osc prefab): Patch Memories now set to range of 128.

    added assert on image size too big when loading bitmaps

    fix(se): PanelGroup drawing correctly.

    fix(se): Fix crash when Right-clicking while dragging patch cable.

    fix mac build


    No issue

    fix(se): Panel Group draws more even.

    fix(se): Feedback delay modules - fixed incorrect status timestamps when feedback not needed.

    fix(se): Float-to-Text, removed trailing zeros.

    fix mac build

    Remove non-functional "Reload Skin" menu.

    "FIR Low and Med" oversampling filters a little stronger.

    code tidy

    oversampler - more accurate settling latency calc.

    oversampler - fix latency bug.

    fix(se): Fix Changing module pin default in polyphonic oversampled container only affecting one voice.

    fix mac build

    fix mac build


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix crash scanning SDK2 modules.

    fix(se): Skins - "vst3-vertical-offset" now supports negative offsets.

  • feat(se): "Edit Skin" menu is now "Show Skin Files".
  • fix build


    No issue

    fix oversampling bug

    midi-monitor - fix "Ambiguous" message.

    fix mem overwrite bug in voice allocation

    XPSV - disabled dark theme

    memory optimizations to UPlug class.

    memory optimization.

    code tidy

    cleaned up vector operations.


    No issue

    fix crash in poly-to-mono

    sync w waves

    fix release build


    No issue

    sync w WV

    Poly-to-Mono improved


    No issue

    fix "save as prefab" file extension override.

    fix VU Meter prefab not loading


    No issue

    fix patch-cable offset on sub-panels

    fix mac build

    fix Mac build


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix patch-cable drawing glitches.

    fix(se): Fix Patch Cable drag drawing glitches in Sub-Panel.

    fix(se): Fix possible crash doping new module on Panel view.

    fix Mac build

    update VST3 with fixes

    fix(se): Fix glitch with "Controls-on-Parent" when Patch-Manager in lower container.

    prevented main-screen parameter linkage craziness


    enhanced "grab" support.

    sync w WV


    No issue

    fix(se): reduce GUI timer rate to increase responsiveness.

    fix(se): Fix mouse hit-detection faulty with Sub-Panels

    fixIoPlugDirections(se): Fix possible crash with nested polyphonic oversampling.


    No issue

    Support Bold and Italic fonts on Mac


    No issue

    FixedPlugs(se): Fixed-values module now works in polyphonic oversampled containers.

    fix(se): Fix List connections into oversampled polyphonic containers losing initial value.


    No issue

    attempt to fix "blank bug". (black areas on Panel).


    No issue

    fix(se): fix grey lines on tiled background when Windows DPI scaling enabled.

    Updated VU Meter prefab to use -18Db reference level (EBU Standard).

    fix(vst3): Fix 'About" box not available on Sub-Panels.


    No issue

    fix(au): Added right-click support to Mac.


    No issue

    fix(se): Control "hints" now work in Sub-Panels.


    No issue

    improved frame rate

    improved animation frame-rate in SynthEdit editor.

    feat(se): New module "List to Animation" - for hooking up knobs to control list modules.

    Removed "Bools to List" "List to Bools" "List Converter A" "List Converter B" Modules from menu.


    No issue

    fix(AU): Text Fields now respond correctly to key.


    No issue

    Added Bool-Splitter and LIst-to_Animation to Mac build


    No issue

    Soundfont Osc - fix win build

    code tidy

    Sample Osc2 working on Mac

    code tidy

    fixes for SampleOsc2 (Mac)

    SF2 Osc - Reduce memory useage while loading soundfonts.


    No issue

    SAmple Osc2 Mac fixes

    Sample Osc2 - modernise code a bit.

    Sample Osc2 fixes for Mac

    Sample Osc2 - remove dependencies on MS Windows.

    fix blank views on Mac

    fix click on object in sub-panel selecting all parent containers.

    GUI - reduce "grabber" height.


    No issue

    color curve stuff

    fix JSon export issue for GUI connections on Structuve View

    more accurate resize adorner hit detection.

    re-enable undo


    No issue

    fix(se): Fixed Patch Cables disappearing after save/load.

    XPSV - module blue/grey shading position corrected.

    XPSV - "controls-on-module" working.


    No issue

    code tidy

  • disabled "Undo" (too buggy).
  • UWP building

    "Undo" on Delete objects working.

    fix(se): Fix crash on Undo insert module.

    rounded ends on patch cables

    XPSV - Better clip rect on zero-height modules.

    XPSV - new outline implemented.

    fix Build number in DSP.xml

    XPSV - "Controls on Module" working.

    XPSV - Darker Grid.

    XPSV - Fix Container DSP Default applied to GUI wrapper.

    XPSV - Fix drag over cable bug.

    XPSV - resizing working.

    XPSV - Fixed modules not deselecting correctly.


    updated version number in resource files.

  • added build number to DSP.xml
  • v1.4.140

    No issue

    fix(Mac): Fix crash with Frequency-Analyser modules.


    No issue

    Added Butterworth Filter to mac modules

    Added Mac project for Filters.sem


    No issue

    Fixed Patchcable-Change-Notifier showing on XPSV.

    fix(se): Fix hidden sub-panels taking mouse clicks.

    fix color interpolation.

    XPSV - GUI plugs color correct.

    XPSV - Sub-Control pin default override working.

    XPSV - Platform text entry aligned correctly.

    removed GuiModuleDirectXHost (not used)

    scope3 - switch to automatic sleep mode.


    No issue

    implement support for factory presets on Mac.

    improved "FIR" Oversampling filters.

    fix(AU): AU plugins now support all Oversampling Filter Pole settings (3-9)

    fix(au): Fix Scope3 not drawing anything.

    code tidy

    update AU plugin default resources

    mac - support latency compensation

    fix(se): Improved settle-time calc on oversampled polyphonic containers.

    fix(mac): Added "Debug"Configuration flags

  • fix(mac): Fixed crash when no audio inputs.
  • improved sub-panels

    mouse improvements

    XPSV - Patch Cables improved.

    XPSV - Fix Text-Entry pin indexing.

    XPSV - Fix Slider pin indexing.

    sync w WV


    No issue

    fix(mac): Fix oversampling now working on mac (except for 5 pole).


    No issue

    fix(controls-xp): Added preprocessor macro "SE_TARGET_SEM


    No issue

    fix(mac): Mac plugins can now change Oversampling rate on fly.


    No issue

    fix scope3 glitch

    fix(se): More effective dirty-rect processing.

  • More efficient Scope drawing.
  • fix(Scope) - reduce CPU by not drawing secondary trace unless needed.


    No issue

    code tidy

    rationalised drawing

    rearrange swap-chain handling


    fix gfx glitch


    remove Lines from GUI JSON

    XPSV - double-ended arrows working.

    removed unused ""


    No issue

    fix crash exporting some plugins

    fix mac build


    No issue

    fix(au):Fix crash when inserting Audio Unit plugin.


    No issue

    fix(sdk): Improved mouse-over behavior.

    fix build

    update default mac factory.xml

    fix(au): Fix crash due to double VoiceMute

    sync w WV

    SE Modern building OK.

    fix(se): Avoid scientific notation on Slider readouts.


    No issue

    fix(au): Fix mouse offset bug on AU.

    fix(mac): Improve AU Validation compliance.

    mac - removed unused files from project


    No issue

    fix(vst): Oversampling-Control module now working in VST.

    fix(se): Fix crash when using Wave-Out in an oversampler.

    feat(vst): Patch Cables "snap" working in VST.

    fix(vst): Fix Sub-Panels not showing (again).

    fix mac build

    XPSV - better width calc

    XPSV - modules sizing correctly

    feat(se): Patch Cables now 'snap' to nearest socket.

    fix(se): Fix Patch-Cables dragging on *right* click.


    No issue

    XPSV - Container context menu working.

    sync w WV

    sync w WV


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix for removing patch-cables by drag.

    work on XPSV.

    XPSV: fixed scope resize issue.

    XPSV - container spare pin drawn in correct order

    XPSV - fixed header smear

    Lines snap better

    feat(se): Added new Vector knob


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix Patch-Cables ignoring mouse.


    No issue

    fix(vst): Fixed Cubase calculating plugin window heading height wrong.

    XPSV - snap to pin working.

    XPSV - fix assertions on opening.


    No issue

    feat(se): New module Poly-to-Mono (experimental).


    No issue

    feat(se): New Module - Vector Panner Knob

    fix(se): Fix pixelation on Panel-Group module.


    No issue

    fix(se64): Text controls sized better.

    fix(se): Fix crash loading some older project files.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fixed Patch Cables disappearing.

    XPSV - Lines arrange correctly.

    XPSV - Improved text.

    XPSV - Fixed List-Entry arrangement.

    XPSV - outline enhanced.

    XPSV - Fixed lines connection point calc.

    XPSV - Fixed: some hidden pins shown on GUI.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix hanging notes when voice-refresh enabled.


    No issue

    feat(se): New module - Vector-Knob

    fix(freq-analyser): Fixed "Blue flashes"

    work on GUI


    No issue

    fix(vst): Fix Sub-Panels not drawing content.

    XPSV - Switch modules drawing correctly.

    fix build


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix unwanted snap-to-grid when only right-clicking an object.

    feat(se): New Module "Vector Bar Graph"

    fix(se): XPSV - fix plug drawing glitch.

    fix(se): "Build code skeleton" now closes XML file before presenting "done" dialog.

    XPSV - Connections to Container Spare plugs working.

    fix 32-bit build

    add missing file

    Added vector Ring GUI file

    fix(se): Fix crash on selection box.

    fix(se):Fix Mac build


    fix(se): Fix for PatchMem-List accepting invalid values.

    fix(se): Ensure main structure window always opens,

    feat9se): new module vector-ring

    fix(se): Prevent invalid connections between GUI pins of differing datatype.


    No issue

    fix(se): Patch Cables should switch on patch change.

    tidier JSON

    fix subpanel glitch

    XPSV work

    fix(se):Fix app icon missing.

    sync mp_api.h

    code tidy


    No issue

    installer remove "Icon Index" as test

    XPSV - Dragging connections working.

  • more tesselator supoort.
  • fix(patch-cables): Patch-cables working again.


    No issue

    fix(se): All parameters now visible on Details Screen.

  • fix(se): Fix crash when changing IPC on patch cables param.
  • fix(se): Don't allow multiple windows on same thing.


    No issue

    fix(se): Fix Slider text-entry crash.

    code tidy SE2


    No issue

    improved WV export.

    improved WV export

    work on graphics

    code tidy

    feat(FileDialog): Module now shortens filenames when in default folder.

    feat(se): XPSV Line colors now correct.


    No issue

    fix(se): Panel Background Image now resizeable again.

    grid work

    test new grid lines


    No issue


    XPSV - lines now highlight when selected.

    disabled 'backup' files.

    fix build number on web

    debugging improvements (infinite assert dialogs in OnPaint())


    No issue

    fix UDBN

    updatebuildnumber takes folder as arg[0]

    fix updateBuildNumber relative paths.

    XPSV - Fixed dragging draw artifacts (smear).

    XPSV - combined GUI object lists (children, modules)


    No issue

    fix Timermanager crash

    fix bug in timer manager

    Added FIR-Filters module to installer

    reverb and softdist build platform set to XP on 32-bit build


    No issue

    .net target back to 4.6.2

    WV SSM now exported.

    set all platform tools sets to VS2015


    XPSV more generic object handling

    XP Struct - Lines drawing to correct connection point on containers

    fix mac build


    No issue

    feat(se): New cross-platform MIDI Monitor.

    fix path dependencies

    Panel Views now open only once.

    XPSV - Line selection working

    XPSV - Removed adorners

    XP Struct - selection logic working.

    XP Struct - Container IO plugs drawing.

    fix 32-bit build paths


    No issue

    fix(se): Removed Aero2 framework for Windows 7 compatibility.

    XP Struct - Initial Container drawing.


    No issue

    fix possible crash with feedback modules

    inline bezier functions

    added bezier to lines

    XP Struct - Mouse working on embedded gfx

    XP Struct view, module size working.

    improved DXGUI module arrange()


    No issue

    fix(se): Butterworth filter freq could not go below 10Hz.

    mac assets now taken from SE 1.4 (in developer mode)

    added icon to SynthEdit folder, installer seems to need it at that location.

    code tidy

    DXG tidier module outlines

    DX View - Lines draw to correct end points


    No issue

    test WINVER set for Windows 7


    No issue

    restore hardware acceleration

    fix vtable screwup

    fix paths

    fix icon error

    fix icon path

    fix mac build

    fix(win7): Improve image compositing on Windows 7.

    fix(win7): Fixed brush color gamma.

    delete .wax solution items

    fix mac build

    fix build


    No issue

    fix oversampling control missing from installer

    fix 32-bit installer

    fix build

    mac - removed copy to plugins folder (no permissions on CI)

    mac fix copy files path

    mac fix build

    fix mac build

    mac - fix modules include path setting

    mac - fix more paths

    mac - fix absolute paths in includes

    fix build installer path

    fix build - sdk project not enabled for Win32

    fix xcode build

    attenpt to fix build

    fix mac build (remove angled brackets on include file)

    removed zerocheck project

    Mac - Update all module project files to use relative paths for copy files step.