chore(se) : Added dates to changelog

chore(se) : Added diagnostic output for command-line export


fix(se) : Fix Registration module crash on insert


chore(au) : Fix mac build

fix(vst2) : Factory presets now accessible from DAW


chore(se) : code tidy

chore(se) : Moved CLG

made basic changelog generator

chore(au) : fix mac build


feat(se) : Implement /autosavepresets command line switch

fix(se) : Registration modules now use hexadecimal serials


chore(au) : Add registration modules to build

feat(se) : New modules: "Registration Check" and "Registration Serial Generator"

fix(se) : MIDI learn working on List Entry module


fix(vst2) : Fixed factory presets not loading

feat(vst) : Saved presets are placed in category 'User"

fix(se) : save as *.vstpreset working correctly from SynthEdit


fix(se) : /quiet argument working better

chore(se) : Tidy up module browser categories


fix(vst) : Fix crash when loading fxb banks into 32-bit plugin.


chore(se) : code tidy


chore(se) : fix 64-bit build

feat(se) : Added /quiet command line option. Suppresses blocking dialog boxes.

chore(se) : fix 32-bit build

fix(se) : (most) Dialog boxes can't get stuck behind SE main window.


fix(au) : Parameter automation working in Ableton Live on Mac

chore(au) : Fix mac build

chore(se) : fix 32-bit build

fix(au) : Import bank "overwrite preset" dialog now supported on Mac


fix(se) : Fix GDI resource leak (frozen graphics)

chore(se) : fix win build

fix(vst) : VST Plugins now ignore default values on container audio inputs

chore(se) : XPSV - now caches textformat objects

feat(au) : AU plugins now include Plugin-ID in presets

feat(se) : XML presets now contain plugin-ID

chore(se) : work on preset browser

chore(au) : fix mac build

feat(vst) : Saving preset now updates preset browser with new item


feat(se) : Added Preset Name to Preset Browser module



feat(se) : Added Program-Category pin to Patch Browser fix(vst) : Presets saved from VST no include MIDI-learn info

chore(au) : fix mac build

chore(au) : fix mac build


feat(vst2) : Improvements to factory preset browsing

feat(vst) : vst64 can now load .fxp files (created from 64-bit). Can't load from 32-bit plugins.

XPSV - (possible) Fix for corrupted text bug


fix(se) : Fix program-category set to 'ignore program change' by default

fix(vst) : Fix MIDI learn not saves in DAW sessions

fix MIDI learn

chore(se) : work in progress

chore(se) : Working on patch browser

fix(vst) : Fixed preset recall in VST plugins

fix(vst2) : Fix for sessions not recalling preset


fix(vst2) : Increased timing allowance on DAW preset recall fix

fix(vst): Fix crash when scanning older vstpreset files

fix(se): XPSV - fix intermittent text corruption on structure view

feat(se): Listbox - added scroll bars

chore(au): Fix mac build

feat(se): New modules: 'Menu to Listboxes' and 'Listbox'

fix(se): List-Entry3 - Cleaner display of sub-menu special sequences

chore(se): recommit

chore(se): Fix mac build


feat(vst): Preset Browser now support categories on VST3

chore(au): fix mac build


chore(vst): Refactor MpController initialize method



chore(au): fix mac build

chore(au): fix mac build

chore(se): fix build (32-bit)

chore(se): fix build

chore(au): fix mac build

chore(se): refactoring

chore(e): Code tidy

fix(se): Fix "Program Category" host-control set to Ignore-PC

chore(se): code tidy

chore(vst): Fix 32-bit build

XPSV - Cleaner lines and pins

chore(se): Added SE_DSP_CORE as sub-module

chore(se): remove SE_DSP_CORE folder from this repo

feat(se): SE can now load presets in fxp format created by 64-bit DAWs.

fix(vst2): Reverted changes to preset 4-char-ID (to retain session compatibility).

fix(vst): Fix plugins crashing on load.

chore(se): xplatform.h now recognizes both UNICODE and _UNICODE

fix(se): Fix loading xml and vst presets from older version of SE

fix(se): FloatToText GUI - fixed crash with large "decimals places" input

fix(vst): Fix crash whn 64-bit plugin has "é" in 4-char-id


fix9se): Fix crash with patch-cables

fix(se): Unit Converter now accepts Hz down to 1E-20 kHz

feat(se): xmlbank read and write working from SynthEdit


fix(vst2): Presets showing in host

feat(se): More efficient bmp image mask loading


fix(se): Image blending improved on Windows 7

chore(se): Move intermediate folder into solution directory to avoid clashes

fix(se): Attempt to fix crash in Panel containing xb-WaveEditor chore(se): Keygen added to git


chore(se): Better compatibility with UWP app

feat(se): Preset categories saved/restored with project

feat(se): reverted file format change (not needed)

feat(se): SE Loads preset categories from vstpresets

feat(se): Add support to project file-format for preset categories

fix(au): Work on cliprect support

fix(se): "Load Bank" dialog now shows only bank file formats (not individual preset ones)

fchore(se): Fix build 32-bit


chore(se): Fix 32-bit build

chore(se): Fix build (32-bit)

fix(au): Fix SDK function "GetWidenedBounds" on Mac

fix(se): Patch Cable clickable area increased


feat(au): Preset browser working on Mac

feat(au): Work on preset browsing

fix(au): Work on au presets

chore(se): Code tidy

chore(se): Code tidy

feat(se): AU Preset import working

feat(se): Work on preset import/export


feat(se): Work on preset importing

chore(se): Work on preset management

chore(au): Fix win build

chore(au): Fix mac build

chore(se): Code tidy

code tidy

chore(se): Rationalize preset loading code

fix(se): Fix some subcontrol pins not initialized on DirectX windows.


fix(vst): 64-bit VST2 plugins compatible between Win/Mac Ableton sessions

fix(vst): Fix crash with multi-line text in patchmememory.

fix(vst): Added MidiCv2 to 32-bit plugin build


fix(au): Improved color-matching between PC and Mac

chore(se): Update XCode project template

chore(au): Remove unnesc header include

(chore): code tidy

chore(se): GFX debugging code


fix(au): Switch to "device" color space in attempt to match Windows colors better

fix(au): Fix "furry" antialiasing with bmp masks


fix(se): FloatFormula-GUI more robust formula evaluation.

fix(se): waveshaper2B more robust formula evaluation

fix(se): Feedback-Delay working polyphonically

fix(vst): Fix Ableton sessions containing patch-cables not restored.


fix(au): Sub-menus working on Mac

fix(au): PlatformFileDialog initial folder setting working

chore(au): Get File Browser working on Mac


feat(vst): Preset browser searches VST3 presets when in wrapped VST2 mode.

feat(se): Preset Browser now loads older vstpreset file format.

feat(se): Preset browser now reloads preset list after import xmlbank

chore(au): Fix mac build


fix(au): Waveshaper2B on Mac now treats nans (invalid values) the same as on Win.

fix(se): Fix rotary switch sometimes drawn incorrectly at 3-oclock

feat(se): Add 'Minimal synth' example prefab

chore(au): Fix Mac build


feat(vst): Better support for preset browsing.

feat(se): SE now can import new xmlbank format

feat(vst3): Added xml bank export feature.

chore(se):Changelog more permissive of formatting (no space after colon)

fix(AU):Include new MIDI-to-Gate module in Audio Units


fix(vst3):Plugins now loading OK

fix(se):'Open File' now remembers which folder it last accessed


fix(se):'All Notes Off' MIDI message now ignores last byte.

chore(build):Fix git tagging.

style(vst3):Code tidy.

chore(build): Automatic tagging of Build numbers

added git-chglog

sync comments w WV (no functional change)

fix(se): Text-Entry3 - Fix "Mouse Down" pin.

Soundpipe reverbs now included in installer

Added Soundpipe Reverbs for Mac

fix Azure build

fix(SE): Fix crash when clicking on blank area of lists in connection dialog.

disabled build of 2 modules not shipped w SE

fix build

fix build

added header file

new module Midi-to-Gate

added two new reverbs

added soundpipe sdk

added test BLEP Osc

fixes for preset loading on ableton 64-bit

code tidy

fix for preset changes in 64-bit VST2

Improved "Octaves to Hz (Passband)" module.

sync with WV

code tidy, fix crash in oversampler when filter poles set to zero

upgrade synth prefabs to latest

patch cable fix

fix(se): Fix polyphony not working when Patch-Points involved in last poly connection. (e.g. from VCA).

fix(AU): Popup Menu now supports greyed items and menu separators.

fix(AU): Popup Menu now shows checkbox on selected item.

fix(patch-info): Fix doubled-up preset numbering ("55:055 Piano").

fix(VST): Fix possible crash using multiple BPM modules inside oversampler. - code tidy.

fix(Mac): Fix clipping rectangle calculation (caused blank gfx).

fix crash in SE

code tidy

fix(SE): Fix VST3 Presets being exported to wrong folder ("VST2 Presets").

fix(midi monitor): Fix crash on MIDI CC messages.

fix(Mac): Fix possible crash in Ableton.

fix build

fix 32-bit build

replaced all MFC message boxes with native ones.

XML Import - lines now supported.

work on XML import

XPSV - Faster redrawing when moving object in panel-view which i also shown on module.

XPSV - line highlighting retained during right-click on a module.

updates from waves

fix(WavePlayer): Fix UNICODE support.

fix(WaverPlayer): Fix support for UNICODE filenames.

fix(WavePlayer): Fix crash on very large samples.

fix 32-bit build

fix Mac build

WavePlayer ported to Mac

fix(Wave Player): Fix mac build.

remove platform dependencies in Wave Player

added files to mac project

work on XML import

fix mac build

feat(vst3): New preset browsing features.

work on preset browser

fix(vst3): Fix possible crash changing preset from Patch-Info module.

fix 32-bit build

fix(se): Fix Reserve Voice setting ignored in oversampled instrument.

XPSV - More efficient invalidation with "Show Control on Parent"

work on XML import

fix(64-bit) Fix small inaccuracy in drawing of keyboard.

fix(VST64): Fix crash when changing presets that require resetting processor. e.g. sample-rate/patch-cables.

fix(se): Fix rotary Switch glitchyness.

work on drawing arrows

random number now seeded consistently in unit-testing mode.

from laptop

patch point - fix spurious "overwriting buffers" warning.

XPSV - better line highlighting into containers.

XPSV - hit-testing working on Curvey lines

XPSV - Curvey lines displayed correctly.

removed Apple copyright from AU plugins

fix mac build

fix(se): Keyboard (XP) fixed mouse playing wrong key on very wide keyboards.

fix(se): Fix for hanging note in Poly(Overlap) mode.

fix(se): Fix feedback modules.

XPSV - Node insert working

fix mac build

unit test now use consistent samplerate and latency adj

fix(se): Fix Voice held open by unterminated poly patch-point.

code tidy

from laptop

XPSV - Fix assertion with "Show Controls on Module"

Fix(se): Fix oversampled synths Fix(se): Fix Keyboard-XP hit detection.

fix poly-to-mono crashing sometimes

update unit tests fix wave file loader

add cancellation utility source

rename Other Projects folder

fix build

fix build

fix build

added unit test project to build

improved polyphonic setup.

improve polyphony calculation

SDK - fontcache more efficient

/autorender working.

added overlap between tiles on panel-group top edge

panel-group more efficient.

fix excessive memory use by panel-group

update cancellation tester

code tidy

new command line switch "/autorender" - start playing automatically. improved routing host-controls into oversampler

controls: improved font and image caching

disable "browse information" during build, was crashing.

fix(poly-to-mono): Fix crash if not connected.

improvements to poly oversampling

more robust polyphony handling

fix crash with host-controls that exist in parent patch-manager.

undo skin file export "fix"

XPSV - Work on adding nodes.

work on Store Packaging

add storekey

fix(se): Fix font information not exported.

fixes from SE 1.3 store packaging project

update online group URL

fix(se): Reverb - fix Reverb acting polyphonic when placed at end of signal chain.

fix(se): cached images not exporting to VST plugin.

updates for App Store packaging

cancellation code fixes

fix(se): Fix for Voices held open with polyphonic patch-cables. fix(se): Fix module execution order bug.

fix(se): Export VST now export only relevant skin files.

add Drawing Test SEM to mac build

updated Drawing Test module

work on XPSV

fix(AU): Patch cables responding correctly to mouse. fix(AU): Tinted-Image module colors correct.

feat(AU): Reverb and Soft-distortion modules now available on Mac

update code-signing

fixes foe XCode10

fix WV patchcable export

fix:(VST3): improved message queue load-balancing

Poly-to-Mono - lower CPU.

fixes from laptop

rearrange code to remove need for some source files

Poly-to-Mono more efficient

XPSV - added node context menu.

XPSV - node dragging working.

reinstated GUI queue call

fix build

code tidy

code tidy

better load balancing queue

implemented load-balancing on Processor -> GUI message queue.

XPSV - grid border implemented.

XPSV - Dragging nodes working.

resize handles larger

Selection box now Skyblue

fix(AU): Fix crash on ALT-click Slider.

mac fixes

fix(au): Modifier keys now working.

mac - added support for modifier keys.

SDK - added key modifier flags to mouse events.

fix(se): MIDI-CV2 - fix Poly overlap mode.

fix(se): MIDI-CV - Gate now remains high when playing same key in poly-soft mode. fix(se): MIDI-CV - in poly-overlap mode, old overlapped notes gate goes low regardless of sustain pedal.

XPSV - Improve handle hit test.

fix(SE): Panel-Group smoother on scaled monitors.

ASIO - more efficient float->int conversion

improvements to CPU Meter module

tidy ASIO driver code. tidy CPU measuring code

code tidy

fix(vst): Fix Oversampling Rate not initialized correctly.

fix(se): Fix Volmeter initially drawing blank.

fix: Empty timers now removed from TimerManager.

fix(se): Fix meters/scopes not updating.

disable CPU logging

fix(AU): Fix crash on removing and inserting same plugin to DAW.

fix(AU): Fix parameter names showing only first letter in DAW.

fix(mac): Changed brush gamma correction.

fix 32-bit build

fix mac build

fix build

Less spiky CPU utilisation

code tidy

XML Build - fix CPU reporting.

code tidy

code tidy

optimised VCA when used as switch

CPU Optimisations

test build (vector module list)

fixes for experimental module list as vector

XPSV - Fix slider plugs

fix for voice splitter

fix(AU): Ensure initial patch values correct.

lighter gray on "greyed"Subcontrols to showup better on Mac

remove bogus assertion in oversampler update installer

add CSC

XPSV - Container I/O Gui pins drawn correct color.

improved CPU logging

fix(se): MIDI CC 120 "All Sound Off" now kills notes quickly regardless of long VCA release times.

code tidy


added vector option

CPU Improvements.

fix(vst3): Default patch names now padded with zeros to aid alphabetic sorting.

fix(vst3): Fix tooltips not showing when Cubase transport runs.

fix crash

fix build (Filters)

fix(Butterworth Filters): Fix malfunction on Mac.

fix crash

code tidy

avoid creating unnesc pp-setters upgrade Voice container to std::vector

code tidy

fix Mono mode broken in last release.

code tidy

fix(AU): Fix image masks not working.

Voice zero now exclusivly monophonic modules to accelerate voice allocation.

updated copyright

code tidy

Added CPU logging code Consolidated process functions

fix CPU Meter module crashing.

code tidy

code tidy

fix WV export

improved CPU

code tidy

fix(se): Fix voice-allocation bug.

fix(wave out): Less offensive clipping on loud signals.

fix WV export xml

fix from WV

XPSV - dragging lines now have no arrows

fix(vst3): Fix for crash when using Fixed-Values modules.

remove diagnostic rectangles

code tidy

XPSV - fixed "Structure Group" sizing.

XPSV - "Arrange" menu available.

fix Structure-Group module showing on Panel

remove Patch Cable Diag from 32-bt build

fix for patch cables

add patch cable diag module to build system

fix for non-voltage Patch Cables

FixedPlugs(se): Better dependency tracing on MIDI-CV

fix(se): Patch cables now "Show on Parent" when parent is "Main" container.

fix(VST3): Attempted fix for "Load Preset" failing intermittently.

fix(AU): "Save"File dialog working.

fix(se): Fix crash when inserting prefabs after re-scanning modules or VST Plugins.

update build dependencies to include SINC filter.

fix crash when adder type not available

code tidy

"Structure Group" module converted to cross-platform module.

AU - Improved au validation conformance.

fix(se): Fix crash when using oversampling.

fix(AU): Attempt to fix multichannel support.

code tidy (Mac)

fix(se): Fix spurious feedback warnings when controls connected to MIDI-CV

Improved support for multi-channel plugins on Mac

fix for Keyboard2

fix crash with Multiple MIDI-CVs in same container.

fix build

fix(se): Deleting Patch-Point also deletes Patch-Cable data.

replace old Voltmeter with new cross-platform one.

fix mac build

code tidy

fix installer build

fix 32-bit release build

fix release build

fix 32-bit build

fix WV mac build

fix build

fix(se): Fix status messages not passing through patch-cables.

fix polyphonic patch cables fix potential crash changing skin

XPSV - fix crash after deleting Patch-Automator.

fix PatchAutomator showing on wrong category in DEBUG mode.

prefab "live" renamed "Poly Synth"

code tidy

fix(se): Fix crash when patch-cable connected from Polyphonic module to outside of polyphonic container.

more robust feedback modules

code tidy


fix(se): Fix Patch-cables not drawing on large panels.

fix moog filter StabilityCheck event cascade bug.

XPSV - fix pin colors wrong.

from WV

filters - less spiky CPU consumption.

WIP plug colors

fix(se): Fix crash with oversampling.

fix(vst3): VST3 plugins now support unlimited in/out channels.

fix(se): Fix crash with "Goto Parent" in main container.

fix(joystick image): Improved mouse hit detection.

XPSV - Containerize supported.

code tidy

code tidy

fix mem leak

fix(se): Patch cables (not creating feedback loop) more efficient.

code optimized

code tidy

poly oversampling working again


fix crash

code tidy (patch XML)

fix(se): Fix multiple patch cables to same destination not summing.

fix(se): Patch Cables can now go into Oversampled Containers.

XPSV - Patch point calc corrected. SV-Filter2 - code tidy.

code tidy

fix(se): Patch Cable points should work when nested in sub-containers.

Old Moog filter moved to "Old" category.

fix(1-pole filter) optimised crash detection.

fix(1-pole-filter): Fix memory leak.

fix(se): Help function works on factory AND 3rd-party modules.

fix(keyboard): Fix black keys drawing off top a little.

simplified note-on code.

fix(se): Keyboard2 now supports Microtuning

XPSV - Fix plugs sortorder

fix(se): Parameter Details window now closes when project closed, or another module is clicked.

removed debugging logs for MTS

XPSV - Fix invalidateRect() offset calculation.

fix(se): Fix joystick image module crashing when image file does not exist.

fix(se): Fix ADSR2 help file not found.

fix Mac build.

fix(VST3): MIDI Tuning persists thru patch-change and sample-rate changes etc.

fix(se): Fix empty Blob parameters being exported incorrectly as '' (results in fewer VST3 plugin resets).

vst3: removed unused "isInitialPreset" member.

vst3: Removed redundant ingore-program-change member. vst3: Processor does not always restart on Program Change.

moved "Go to Parent Container" menu to make more accessible.

fix(se): Fix XML when Oversampling Mixed with Polyphonic containers.

fix(AU): Imbedded Soundfonts working on Mac.

fix(AU): Fix crash on creating background image

fix(se): Fixed erroneous "[NOT FOUND]" log when exporting VST3 plugins with additional files.

renamed "Embedded Files" dialog to "Copy Additional Files"

fix(vst3): Fix for plugins with more than 2 audio outputs.

code tidy

better error message

fixIoPlugDirections(se): Fix XML for oversampled polyphonic containers.

Added error message for nested MIDI-to-CVs

XPSV - Fix context menu location.

fix(vst3): BPM Modules more accurate in presence of transport looping.

timing improved

timing improvements

fix(se): BPM-Clock modules - Slightly better timing.

fix(vst3): Fixed possible crash in VST3 plugins. added bender to Poly Synth2 prefab

fix(se): Fix oversampling rate not being exported.

updated joystick prefab so mouse-down works on both X and Y parameters.

INcrement3B code tidy

feat(se): New Module Increment3B

XPSV - Nodes drawing.

XPSV - fix sub-containers moving around when opening SV.

XPSV - changing module name now updates view.

fixIoPlugDirections(se): Paste working better.

code tidy

fix(se): fix Song Position not updating.

code tidy

code tidy

fix 32-bit build.

added missing header

from WV

fix mac build

fix mac build

global CPU Meter module working

add cpu meter module

Added peak trace to CPU (Debug) Window.

improved diagnostics

Add AudioUnit V3 example/SDK

optimize VoiceList handling of note-off.

used "constexpr" where possible.

feat(se): Added prefab: Minimal Synth

fix(se): Fix bug in "Debug" windows when using more than 100 voices.

fixes from WV

fix(se): Fix memory leak in class LatencyAdjustEventBased2 Fix memory leak in class ug_patch_param_watcher

fixes from WV

Hide MIDI channel pins on Patch-Automator on 64-bit, they don't do anything.

fix(vst3): Fix for List controls with items with negative values.

fix(vst3): Added "Midi to CV2" module to build.

fix mac build

XPSV - Support for "Mute".

fix(se): Fix for Patch Cables disappearing.

Voice-Combiner and Poly-to-Mono - CPU improvements.

fix mac build

XPSV - double-click opens Container.

XPSV - Fix container pin order on SV.

from WV

optimized Poly-to-Mono module.

fix(poly-to-mono): Now works when input is monophonic.

efficiency improvements to parameter-watcher

fix(vst3): List parameters behave better in Cubase automation lane.

from laptop

fix(se): More efficient use of memory when using polyphonic metering (e.g. Scope3).

from WV

Spring module returns, Spring2 retired. Updated prefabs to implement mouse-down connection.

fix(vst3): Slider now communicating mouse-held to Cubase.

fix(se): Fix for recording over automation in Cubase.

fix Vector Normalize operator

code tidy

fix(vst3): Fix dragging automation points in Cubase.

Fix(poly-to-mono): Fix crash when not connected to anything.

feat(Poly to mono) - module now utilizes last-not-priority.

fix(se): Int-to-Volts and Bool-to-Volts - fixed streaming signaling.

change export-vst dialog text to "Number of Presets"

fix(se): "Monitor" module working on 64-bit GUI.

XPSV - Fix issue opening "Debug" window.

sync w waves

fix(se): Improved voice-stealing.

module replacements now attempt to retain unique handle. (for snapshots).

fix(se): Impulse Response module now draws on 64-bit GUI.

fix(se): Keyboard module now showing on GUI (64-bit).

fix(se): Oversampling Control SEM now included in 32-bit installer.

fix(se): Windows now show titles.

fix(se): SE now shows project filename in titlebar.

fix 32-bit build

dummy view now hidden off-screen

added "Dummy" view in DXSV mode.

XPSV - Fix Containers not showing. - Open DX-View by default in DEBUG mode.

XPSV - Line highlighting working.

XPSV - Line highlight working.

XPSV - Tidy graphics.

fix(sample-osc prefab): Patch Memories now set to range of 128.

added assert on image size too big when loading bitmaps

fix(se): PanelGroup drawing correctly.

fix(se): Fix crash when Right-clicking while dragging patch cable.

fix mac build

fix(se): Panel Group draws more even.

fix(se): Feedback delay modules - fixed incorrect status timestamps when feedback not needed.

fix(se): Float-to-Text, removed trailing zeros.

fix mac build

Remove non-functional "Reload Skin" menu.

fix(se): Fix crash scanning SDK2 modules.

fix(se): Skins - "vst3-vertical-offset" now supports negative offsets. feat(se): "Edit Skin" menu is now "Show Skin Files".

fix build

"FIR Low and Med" oversampling filters a little stronger.

code tidy

oversampler - more accurate settling latency calc.

oversampler - fix latency bug.

fix(se): Fix Changing module pin default in polyphonic oversampled container only affecting one voice.

fix mac build

fix mac build

fix oversampling bug

midi-monitor - fix "Ambiguous" message.

fix mem overwrite bug in voice allocation

XPSV - disabled dark theme

memory optimizations to UPlug class.

memory optimization.

code tidy

cleaned up vector operations.

fix crash in poly-to-mono

sync w waves

fix release build

sync w WV

Poly-to-Mono improved

fix "save as prefab" file extension override.

fix VU Meter prefab not loading

fix patch-cable offset on sub-panels

fix mac build

fix Mac build

fix(se): Fix patch-cable drawing glitches.

fix(se): Fix Patch Cable drag drawing glitches in Sub-Panel.

fix(se): Fix possible crash doping new module on Panel view.

fix Mac build

update VST3 with fixes

fix(se): Fix glitch with "Controls-on-Parent" when Patch-Manager in lower container.

prevented main-screen parameter linkage craziness


enhanced "grab" support.

sync w WV

fix(se): reduce GUI timer rate to increase responsiveness.

fix(se): Fix mouse hit-detection faulty with Sub-Panels

Support Bold and Italic fonts on Mac

fixIoPlugDirections(se): Fix possible crash with nested polyphonic oversampling.

FixedPlugs(se): Fixed-values module now works in polyphonic oversampled containers.

fix(se): Fix List connections into oversampled polyphonic containers losing initial value.

attempt to fix "blank bug". (black areas on Panel).

fix(se): fix grey lines on tiled background when Windows DPI scaling enabled.

Updated VU Meter prefab to use -18Db reference level (EBU Standard).

fix(au): Added right-click support to Mac.

fix(vst3): Fix 'About" box not available on Sub-Panels.

fix(se): Control "hints" now work in Sub-Panels.

improved frame rate

improved animation frame-rate in SynthEdit editor.

fix(AU): Text Fields now respond correctly to key.

Added Bool-Splitter and LIst-to_Animation to Mac build

feat(se): New module "List to Animation" - for hooking up knobs to control list modules.

Removed "Bools to List" "List to Bools" "List Converter A" "List Converter B" Modules from menu.

Soundfont Osc - fix win build

code tidy

Sample Osc2 working on Mac

code tidy

fixes for SampleOsc2 (Mac)

SF2 Osc - Reduce memory useage while loading soundfonts.

SAmple Osc2 Mac fixes

Sample Osc2 - modernise code a bit.

Sample Osc2 fixes for Mac

Sample Osc2 - remove dependencies on MS Windows.

fix blank views on Mac

fix click on object in sub-panel selecting all parent containers.

GUI - reduce "grabber" height.

color curve stuff

fix JSon export issue for GUI connections on Structuve View

more accurate resize adorner hit detection.

re-enable undo

fix(se): Fixed Patch Cables disappearing after save/load.

XPSV - module blue/grey shading position corrected.

XPSV - "controls-on-module" working.

code tidy disabled "Undo" (too buggy).

UWP building

"Undo" on Delete objects working.

fix(se): Fix crash on Undo insert module.

rounded ends on patch cables

XPSV - Better clip rect on zero-height modules.

XPSV - new outline implemented.

fix(Mac): Fix crash with Frequency-Analyser modules.

fix Build number in DSP.xml

XPSV - "Controls on Module" working.

XPSV - Darker Grid.

XPSV - Fix Container DSP Default applied to GUI wrapper.

XPSV - Fix drag over cable bug.

XPSV - resizing working.

XPSV - Fixed modules not deselecting correctly.


updated version number in resource files. added build number to DSP.xml

Added Butterworth Filter to mac modules

Added Mac project for Filters.sem

Fixed Patchcable-Change-Notifier showing on XPSV.

fix(se): Fix hidden sub-panels taking mouse clicks.

fix color interpolation.

XPSV - GUI plugs color correct.

XPSV - Sub-Control pin default override working.

XPSV - Platform text entry aligned correctly.

removed GuiModuleDirectXHost (not used)

scope3 - switch to automatic sleep mode.

implement support for factory presets on Mac.

improved "FIR" Oversampling filters.

fix(AU): AU plugins now support all Oversampling Filter Pole settings (3-9)

fix(mac): Fix oversampling now working on mac (except for 5 pole).

fix(controls-xp): Added preprocessor macro "SE_TARGET_SEM

fix(au): Fix Scope3 not drawing anything.

code tidy

fix(mac): Mac plugins can now change Oversampling rate on fly.

update AU plugin default resources

mac - support latency compensation

fix(se): Improved settle-time calc on oversampled polyphonic containers.

fix(mac): Added "Debug"Configuration flags fix(mac): Fixed crash when no audio inputs.

improved sub-panels

mouse improvements

XPSV - Patch Cables improved.

XPSV - Fix Text-Entry pin indexing.

XPSV - Fix Slider pin indexing.

sync w WV

fix scope3 glitch

fix(se): More effective dirty-rect processing. More efficient Scope drawing.

fix(Scope) - reduce CPU by not drawing secondary trace unless needed.

code tidy

rationalised drawing

rearrange swap-chain handling


fix gfx glitch


fix crash exporting some plugins

fix mac build

remove Lines from GUI JSON

XPSV - double-ended arrows working.

removed unused "database.se.json"

fix(au):Fix crash when inserting Audio Unit plugin.

fix(sdk): Improved mouse-over behavior.

fix build

fix(au): Fix mouse offset bug on AU.

fix(mac): Improve AU Validation compliance.

update default mac factory.xml

mac - removed unused files from project

fix(au): Fix crash due to double VoiceMute

sync w WV

SE Modern building OK.

fix(se): Avoid scientific notation on Slider readouts.

fix(vst): Oversampling-Control module now working in VST.

fix(se): Fix crash when using Wave-Out in an oversampler.

feat(vst): Patch Cables "snap" working in VST.

fix(vst): Fix Sub-Panels not showing (again).

fix mac build

XPSV - better width calc

XPSV - modules sizing correctly

feat(se): Patch Cables now 'snap' to nearest socket.

fix(se): Fix Patch-Cables dragging on *right* click.

XPSV - Container context menu working.

sync w WV

sync w WV

fix(se): Fix for removing patch-cables by drag.

work on XPSV.

XPSV: fixed scope resize issue.

XPSV - container spare pin drawn in correct order

XPSV - fixed header smear

Lines snap better

feat(se): Added new Vector knob

fix(se): Fix Patch-Cables ignoring mouse.

fix(vst): Fixed Cubase calculating plugin window heading height wrong.

XPSV - snap to pin working.

XPSV - fix assertions on opening.

feat(se): New module Poly-to-Mono (experimental).

feat(se): New Module - Vector Panner Knob

fix(se): Fix pixelation on Panel-Group module.

fix(se64): Text controls sized better.

fix(se): Fix crash loading some older project files.

fix(se): Fixed Patch Cables disappearing.

XPSV - Lines arrange correctly.

XPSV - Improved text.

XPSV - Fixed List-Entry arrangement.

XPSV - outline enhanced.

XPSV - Fixed lines connection point calc.

XPSV - Fixed: some hidden pins shown on GUI.

fix(se): Fix hanging notes when voice-refresh enabled.

feat(se): New module - Vector-Knob

fix(freq-analyser): Fixed "Blue flashes"

work on GUI

fix(vst): Fix Sub-Panels not drawing content.

XPSV - Switch modules drawing correctly.

fix build

fix(se): Fix unwanted snap-to-grid when only right-clicking an object.

feat(se): New Module "Vector Bar Graph"

fix(se): XPSV - fix plug drawing glitch.

fix(se): "Build code skeleton" now closes XML file before presenting "done" dialog.

XPSV - Connections to Container Spare plugs working.

fix 32-bit build

add missing file

Added vector Ring GUI file

fix(se): Fix crash on selection box.

fix(se):Fix Mac build


fix(se): Fix for PatchMem-List accepting invalid values.

fix(se): Ensure main structure window always opens,

feat9se): new module vector-ring

fix(se): Prevent invalid connections between GUI pins of differing datatype.

fix(se): Patch Cables should switch on patch change.

tidier JSON

fix subpanel glitch

XPSV work

fix(se):Fix app icon missing.

sync mp_api.h

code tidy

installer remove "Icon Index" as test

XPSV - Dragging connections working. more tesselator supoort.

fix(patch-cables): Patch-cables working again.

fix(se): All parameters now visible on Details Screen. fix(se): Fix crash when changing IPC on patch cables param.

fix(se): Don't allow multiple windows on same thing.

fix(se): Fix Slider text-entry crash.

code tidy SE2

improved WV export.

improved WV export

work on graphics

code tidy

feat(FileDialog): Module now shortens filenames when in default folder.

feat(se): XPSV Line colors now correct.

fix(se): Panel Background Image now resizeable again.

grid work

test new grid lines


XPSV - lines now highlight when selected.

disabled 'backup' files.

fix build number on web

debugging improvements (infinite assert dialogs in OnPaint())

fix UDBN

updatebuildnumber takes folder as arg[0]

fix updateBuildNumber relative paths.

XPSV - Fixed dragging draw artifacts (smear).

XPSV - combined GUI object lists (children, modules)

fix Timermanager crash

fix bug in timer manager

Added FIR-Filters module to installer

reverb and softdist build platform set to XP on 32-bit build

.net target back to 4.6.2

WV SSM now exported.

set all platform tools sets to VS2015

Updated README.md

XPSV more generic object handling

XP Struct - Lines drawing to correct connection point on containers

fix mac build

feat(se): New cross-platform MIDI Monitor.

fix path dependencies

Panel Views now open only once.

XPSV - Line selection working

XPSV - Removed adorners

XP Struct - selection logic working.

XP Struct - Container IO plugs drawing.

fix 32-bit build paths

fix(se): Removed Aero2 framework for Windows 7 compatibility.

XP Struct - Initial Container drawing.

fix possible crash with feedback modules

inline bezier functions

added bezier to lines

XP Struct - Mouse working on embedded gfx

XP Struct view, module size working.

improved DXGUI module arrange()

fix(se): Butterworth filter freq could not go below 10Hz.

mac assets now taken from SE 1.4 (in developer mode)

added icon to SynthEdit folder, installer seems to need it at that location.

code tidy

DXG tidier module outlines

DX View - Lines draw to correct end points

test WINVER set for Windows 7

restore hardware acceleration

fix vtable screwup

fix paths

fix icon error

fix icon path

fix mac build

fix(win7): Improve image compositing on Windows 7.

fix(win7): Fixed brush color gamma.

delete .wax solution items

fix mac build

fix build

fix oversampling control missing from installer

fix 32-bit installer

fix build

mac - removed copy to plugins folder (no permissions on CI)

mac fix copy files path

mac fix build

fix mac build

mac - fix modules include path setting

mac - fix more paths

mac - fix absolute paths in includes

fix build installer path

fix build - sdk project not enabled for Win32

fix xcode build

attenpt to fix build

fix mac build (remove angled brackets on include file)

removed zerocheck project

Mac - Update all module project files to use relative paths for copy files step.

feat(se): New converter module "Octaves to Hz (Passband)" for filters with pass width specified in Hz.

update SEM copy files path to project-relative

removed List-Entry2 from installer.

fix(se): false snap-to-grid on object selection.

test win7 drawing mode oversampler back to cubic upsampler

add missing SDK files

give SE 1.4 unique build products folder (was shared w 1.3)

fix build

fix mac build

fix build w new SDKs folder

added SDKs folder

feat(se): Added FIR upsampling options.

feat(se): Voice-Refresh feature now optional.

code tidy

os output latency cal correct

oversampler input latency calc correct.

upsampler - new 16-point SINC w SSE.

feat(se): Upgraded to SINC upsampling in oversampler

fixIoPlugDirections(vst): Fix Patch Cables not passing audio.

improve DX Connectors

improved WV xport

fix mac build

fix(vst3): "Number of Presets" export option now respected.

fix(labled led stack): Corrected layout.

fix(se): 'hint' working on Popup Menu.

code tidy

work on new structure view

DX View: background grid drawing.

code tidy

fix(se):Arrow keys working in Panel View

syn w WV

code tidy

refactored patch storage (external buffers)

fix patch cable crash better path independence

fix release build

Build more path independent

fix mac build

64-bit : Tooltip (Hints) working.

fix 32-bit build.

Waveshaper layout improved

work on waveshapers

DXGUI - Added Tooltip implementation.

Added XP Waveshapers

fix WV export

improved WV export

WV export update


fix mac build

fix mac build

FIR optimisation

OS FIR optimised

improved OS passband w FIR

DX Struct sizing better.

Renamed old to Old

fix capitalization of "old" category in installer.

code tidy

attempt to fix Slider text entry size on 64-bit

new structure view WIP

hit testing of resize handles more accurate

Added module Soft Distortion

Added DH Reverb

Added "Gripper" to modules on Panel.

mac - removed prefix header. Was polluting namespaces

dragging controls now updates parent panels.

sub-panel copes better with children moving while closed.

updated module template (no /GL)

turned off /GL on modules (not compatible with universal runtime)

fix mac build

fix mac build code tidy

code tidy

fix(vst): Fix VST Preset recall in Ableton Live

fix(vst3): Factory Preset names now showing.

DPI fix for Ableton Live

preset names exported even if default, e.g. "Preset 1"

fix occasional crash on close

export tidy

lower memory consumption (GuiModuleDirectXHost)

Slider - improved hit testing

Improved font caching

Can't drag objects on "locked" panels.

fix "replace" connecting many lines to enum inputs. remove incorrect assert from Cocoa graphics

code tidy

Mac - Release build now optimised.

Mac - Added "Release" configuration. Made default for command line builds.

fix for font styles containing spaces in name

preliminary support for internal preset recall in 64-bit plugins.

fix(vst): Fix crash in in Reaper(32) when closing plugin window.

code tidy

improved alignment of Graphics objects.

fix(vst): Fix black edit window in Traction 6.

update script

controller modules now unregister host-controlls on delete.

fix(vst64): Fix stereo effects crashing on mono track.

smaller binary through optimizing LIST_PIN macro

fix 32-bit VST plugins failing to load more efficient ListInterface()

eliminated use of rubbish addresses on output pins in ListInterface2()

removed obsolete drum_module prefab

removed obsolete "808 Drums" Prefab.

fix(vst): Attempt to fix crash when scanning in Reaper.

fix(vst): Fix xmlpreset files saving without dot before extension.

font fix

fix(se): More accurate font selection (global.txt fix).

fix mac build

fix(se): Fix font info fallback not working.

fix build

can now drag Slider by Title

fix mac build

Parameter metadata now stored in module database. (was losing range-hi/lo)

sync w WV

update SDK, added Controller::onDelete()

updated code generator

update version in "about" dialog

fix version number

update version.txt to V1.4

SDK tidy

fix crash in Feedback - Blob module.

patch-cable fix

update to support SDK extensions

fix mac build

fix mac build

fix mac module build errors (c++14)

fix error when inserting Patch-Point module


added controller pins to file format

fix mac build

code tidy

feat(se): Added support for different types of Patch-Cable(Int, Bool etc).

feat(se): New Feedback Modules for Text, Double, Bool, Int64, and Blob signals

fix 32-bit link errors

All SEM modules updated to C++ dll runtime.

ALT-Dropping cables from left end working again. Patch-Selection improved combobox colors.

fix MIDI learn not working in VST

32-bit plugins now dynamically link to C++ runtime.

fix build

fix button-stack toggle mode

patch selector dropdown styled better

fixed missing shadow on 'new' icon.

patch selector styled nicer

fix host controls (attached to containers) not working


Preset Browser working

fix(list-entry): Fixed "Button stack" mode displaying too narrow.

SDK API update (Controller)

added pin defaults to Controller API

change code-signing

added key

fix build order (Osc naive) Patch Browser WIP

removed /sm option from code-signing and moved cert to 'Trusted Root Certificate Authorities' (in mmc) to remove pesky confirmation dialogs.

fix(bool-inverter): Fix not sending initial output value when input=false.

fix redraw clipping bug with sub-panels

- patch cables Z-order better. -sync w WV

code tidy

fix mac build

prevent duplicate patch-cables.

alt-drag then release deletes patch cables.

can now re-route existing patch cables with key.

patch cables ignore mouse except at ends

scrolling now scaled by inverse zoom factor


fix windows build reror

popup menus more accurate

improved hit-testing

Added Sample-Timer module source

added tinyxml2 files

fix 32-bit build

fix mac build

better hit testing on patch cables sockets

fix mac build

zooming now centered on mouse

scrolling dimensions now in DIPs

modules sizing correctly on insert

Patch Points include nut

sync SDK w WV

fix for modules with no pins not drawing GUI

autoscroll working

Slider bounding box corrected.

dropping module into panel now takes zoom into account.

modules dropped in panel window now placed at correct position

smoother tilt-wheel scrolling

mouse tilt wheel working

mouse wheel scrolling working.

fix(vst64): double-click working.

added new host-control.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(vst64): Text-Entry working.

fix(vst): Text-Entry working

fix(text-entry): Now scales with zoom factor.

snap-to-grid working

feat(se): Zoom pauses at 100%

feat(se): Patch Cables not incorporate feedback modules.

fix(se): fix crash on open Debug window.

fix 32-bit build

fix mac build

zoom working reasonably

PatchCables upgraded to XML serialisation.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

synced SDK w V1.4 improvements

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

excluded Patch-Points from 32-bit build. (only work on DirectX).

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

removed VoiceMute SEM from installer

removed VoiceMute from 32-bit installer

DXGUI - basic scrolling working

DXGUI - Implemented "Go to Structure" menu.

Mac - Implemented new graphics path methods.

fix mac build

fix mac build

Patch Cables working in VST

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(vst3): fix a bug with polyphonic oversampling.

fix(vst): fix no-sound bug.


Added "Arrange" menu to GUi.

patch cables ends now drag with module

fix dragbox glitch

patch cable hit-testing working.

work on patch cables

code tidy

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

fix mac build

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(mac): Added support for 8x, 16x and 32x oversampling

fix mac build

fix Mac build

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

fix(se): Fix possible crash when using latency compensation.

fix(vst3): Nested oversampling working.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(vst3): Processor restart logic working again.

fix(vst3): Nested Oversampling-Control modules now working independently.

fix merge mistake

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

-fix module category "old" vs "Old" issue -excluded store packaging project from Debug and Release builds


Patch Cables partially working in vst

updated .NET version (required by Desktop App Packager)

Mac - Add voicemute to SE AU

fix(vst3): improved right-click

improved right-click support

GUI - right-click improved.

right-click behaving better with sub-views

sub-views measuring correctly

dxview - dragging sub-views working

DX GUI - Objects now size correctly when first inserted.

Panel Window size now adjusted for DPI.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

fix 32-bit build

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(32-bit): Fix crash on export-vst

fix build number header

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' + dragline fix

merged VoiceMute module into SE. No need for external SEM anymore.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

context menu tidyier

fix(vst3): Fixed right-click menu.

fix mac build

Switched GUI to GMPI-GUI (DirectX).

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

GUI SDK - - implemented support for sub-menus.

DX-GUI changed background outline color.

DX GUI - skin selection menu working.

DX-GUI - Resizing background image working.

DX GUI - Dragbox working

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

fix(vst): Improved font matching in VST Plugins (vs SynthEdit).

fix mac build

fix mac build

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

feat(se): New modules "Fixed Values (float)", (int), (Text), and (Bool).

fix mac build

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix mac build

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(vst3): PatchMem "Name" pin now working in VST3.

MIDI CC "Mouse Down" working in plugins too. right-click working again in plugins.

feat(se): Parameter now behave as if "grabbed" when automated via MIDI. feat(se): Several new GUI switch modules.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(build): Fix installer issue.

DX GUI - Basic editing commands working (Cut/Copy/Paste/Contain etc).

code tidy

fix(image2): Fixed repeating images when exporting 64-bit plugin.

SE installer now creates VST3 folder.

DX GUI- Delete command working.

DX GUI - Resize handles aware of resizability.

DX GUI - Basic resizing working.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(vst): Fix possible crash when Main container defaults overriden.

DX GUI - View-open flags working.

DX GFX - Dragging via adorner objects

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

improved Controller iterator

code tidy

refactor DX View

fix(GUI Bool Switch): Fixed buggyness.

fix(DX): DX Panel position now saved correctly.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

removed cmake files from VST3 libs


Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

fix build dependencies

fix build dependencies

removed unneeded binary

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

add VST support project to 32-bit build

fix(build): Added Clock2.sem to git

json subPresenter working

DX View - Selection working correctly for objects within sub-views.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

fixed.c(se): Fix function name spelling.

sync w WV

fix(se): Controller iterator functionality working.

fix(build):Remove old lib project.

fix(build): Fix 32-bit build.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(build): Fix Engine dependencies

fix(build): Added VST3 libs to SynthEdit2 project.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

fix(se): Fix bogus "Can't iterate pins" error message.

styles.css(vst3): Tidy code.

fix(se): Fix release build (switch to VC dll runtime).

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

feat(vst3): Updated VST3 SDK to V3.6.8

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

feat(se): new module - Bool GUI Switch.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_3' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_3

fix(vst3): Fix for repeated images when imagename contains periods.

fix(se): Application setting path corrected.

Update installer GUID to allow side-by-side installation

minor test change

Changed Version number to 1.4

updated help file re soundfonts

Switches - fix crash on "Play" when no wires connected.

work on DX GUI

DX View - handle selection of sub-panels when children clicked.


improved AU random class names

AU - Support for randomised Cocoa class names

added header file

fix 32-bit build


AU - generate unique view class names

AU - Added macros for Cocoa classname "namespaceification

added new version.h (for AU)

AU - Export now includes in/out channel count


fix(au): Fix missing file from AU export.

AU - Fixed crash on drawing lines.

export AU - now classifies effects correctly.

fixed crash on effect plugins (still need to be classified as effects)

fixed Mac SEM scanning on Jeff's PC. Improved error message on export-VST when permission denied.

DX - Modules in sub-panel no longer show selection box.

Changed Store project to *link* to help file, rather than hold obsolete copy.

Updated help file General Preferences information.

spring - added "On/Off" pin

VST3 64-bit fixed hit detection on Button Stack

fixed issue with duplicated host controls

dx view - better dragging

snapshot improvements

removed obsolete "translation" page from help file.

fixed crash when dragging modules to spce outside document windows

fix Store Publishing problems https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40951570/uwp-app-invalid-package-family-name-after-update-certificate/40975126#40975126

fix 32-bit build

fix Presenter mem leak

fix crash on export-vst

fix feedback bugs

added VaFilers xcode project

Mac - Include SvFilter2 source code in build

fix mac build

fix for mac build

Parameter Details Dialog - Can now sort by clicking header. DX-VIEW Zoom testing

DX-GUI - basic ZOOM working visually (needs to translate mouse etc too)

DX-GUI - basic right-click menu working.

work on DX GUI

code tidy

fix mac build

fix mac build

dragging and selection working in DX View

mac - code tidy

GMPI-GUI - Line end caps now working on OSX

fix 32-bit build errs

GMPI-GUI - Line end-caps now supported on GDI.

consolidated GDI+ routines

Graphics - Round line end-caps working.

fixes to SDK GUI pin notifications design.

fix for patch cables

removing patch cables with right-click menu working

patch cables - better gfx

patch cables working

fix crash when opening debug window

fix error in adelay.rc

WIP on Patch Cables.

fix(vst3): Fix mouse not responding after dismissing sub-panel.

fix(vst3): Popup menus now located correctly

more helpful feedback error message.

fix(se): Fix potential crash with feedback paths.

feedback-delay modules now incur no latency unless necessary.

fix 32-bit build

fix build (rc file) remove spurious "gui.se.xml" from export

fix mac build

presenter now reflecting object deletions

work on Presenter

added Presenter.h

- Dragging Patch-Points working on DX GUI (in SE only) - Added SEM icon to store project.

added warning when loading images too large for DirectX

vst3 executable now version stamped

fix win build

added se_mp_extensions.h

fix(AU): Fixed au validation failures. Mac - Added VaFilters SEM

preliminary patch-cable drawing on Panel

improved support for drawing ellipses on SE panels. SDK - removed old graphics example modules.

fix(vst3) Fix Container pin defaults not respected.

improvements to appx installer (skins working)

V1.3 Store Package now includes all assets (help file, modules etc)

Added new-style Store Packaging Project(Fall Creators Update)

fix mac build

mac build fixes

gfx - added GUID for radial gradient brush.

mac - radial gradient support.

mac - more graphics methods supported.

code tidy

fix(vst3): Reversed attempt at making "Ignore Program Change" work on VST3.

Mac GUI - List Selection sucks less.

AU - Meter communication to GUI working.

Inverter - Fix compiler generating AVX2 code

Mac - Added NoteExpression to BUIldAll configuration.

AU - Fixed "browse"button not showing (due to DPI issues).

Mac workspace - Added NoteExpression module.

improved mac template path when running on development environment.

AU - Update info.plist template to substitute "MANU"


Export AU - Now supports custom Manufacturer ID.

fix win build

Mac - Private parameters communication to processor working. Mac - SDK ResolveFilename working on absolute paths.

Mac - File Dialog working.

Mac - Added Sub-Controls SEM (w File Dialog)

AU - Text Entry working

fix file incompatibility w V1.2 Mac - Now exports aupreset files.

debuggin improvement

Mac - Move Eventhelper.h

AU Export adjust template 'UNIQ" field.

AU - Shortened Template field [UNIQUE] to UNIQ to suit AUVAL

Mac - dropdown menus working somewhat.

SEAU - Templatize info.plist

AU Export - More modules working. AU Export - Proper Plugin Naming.

switch Mac project to release mode

mac - minor stuff

AU - Fix AUVAL crashes.

fix from WV mac intel compiler

fix build

fix mac build

fix mac build

fix VST3 build

sync w waves

updates from Waves

AU - Save/Restore presets working in DAW.

fix build on se mac

sync w WV

SE - Respond to MIDI "All Controllers Off"

sync w Waves

mac work

fix(vst3): Improved searching for skin files.

Mac - work on menus.

mac latest

fix mac build

updated Bitmap Pixels to handle read/write modes.

mac - work on presets

mac fix

SEAU, Add test preset list.

Mac - Bitmap Render Context drawn flipped correctly.

Mac - hit testing working

mac -WIP

AU - Tempo working, Scope drawing up correct way.

fix(vst3 64): improved Preset recall when loading into Ableton.

preliminary Mac tempo code

mac - include BMPClock4 in build

fix(vst2 64): Attempt to fix presets not recalling in Ableton Live.

mac - switched workspace to release

fix(vst 64): Fix plugin patch not recalling in Ableton Live.

mac - fix Switches module not included in scheme

fix adder not sleeping

fix mac build

fix 32-bit build

Added scope3 to Mac project

Mac export - added 3rd-Party mac SEM support

Added xml files to modules (mac)

remove spurious xml files from PatchMemory project (mac)

"build code skeleton" - Mac project now includes plugin XML file into resources.

fix: 32-bit vsts were crashing.

fix mac build

Added BuildAll scheme

removed mac module binaries from source control

fix vca not sleeping

SE now highlights lines to un-connected Container inputs on load.

enhanced line highlighting

fix FIR oversampling filter


gmpi_simd, attempt to fix build

new module Patch-Point

improved "Build Code Skeleton" Mac project file.

OSX - updated template test project

added template test

oversampler - adjusted sensitivity of filter settle detect.

fix(oversampling): Fix bugs in oversampler output streaming status. New popup menu "Goto Parent Container".

fix windows build

mac - plugins now have unique identifier

Mac - Removed reference to hard-code bundle identifier

Mac export now names component correctly

mac - modify plugin name

fix DC offset in ASIO drivers.

Mac - Fix code sign fail in build

fix(se): Fix voices not sounding with combination of oversampling and PDC. MIDI Monitor - Added HD note support.

fix(vst3): Fix images from outside skin folder not loading in vst plugin.

fixed crash with automatic Float->Volt conversion.

OSX - Offscreen context partially working.

code tidy

rationalize cocoa brushes

OSX - Filled Gradients working

clean up gfx code

fix mac build

code tidy

mac added arc and gradient test

Midi Monitor - Added "ambiguous" Key on/Off detection.

fix(se): Fix possible crash with oversampling.

DirectX Bezier and Arc emulation on GDI and Mac.

added graphics_base

from laptop

sync w waves

OSX - Font metrics working.

OSX - Text looking better

code tidy (graphics)

mac drawing fixes

Mac - implement path geometry

Mac - work on patch geometrys

fix setting defaults on pins with latency compensation

fix image premultiply latency compensators now extrapolate pre-roll

mac standalone added project files

sdk - code tidy added standalone Graphics test app on mac

fix mac build

Mac - Implement Dummy GeometrySink

AU - Processor->GUI communication working.

SEAU - Updated test project to include Scope - ifdefed out Scope bitmap render context (crashes on exit at present)

AU - basic implementation of bitmapRenderTarget

SE AU - Build now copies embedded SEMs directly from mac_assets (removed copies in SeAu project folder)

SE AU - Removed unnesc copy of SEMs to resources folder during build.

added PD303 export for testing

SE now exports Audio Unit (not VST3) for Mac. (preliminary code only).

fix assert on Volts to enum when not connected. Fix crash when latency compensation follows adder

support offline HC in SE code tidy

fix installer build

updated installer to include AU template (not VST3)

implemented clip-rect on panel view for cross-platform modules.

fix build err

removed UpdateBuildNumber.exe (now built by Jenkins as needed)

Mac modules building cleanly

Mac build fixes

fixes for mac build

Added all modules to Mac Project

removed Mac SEM binary from source code control (now achieved by Jenkins instead).

Mac - Made new workspace to hold all modules

latest SIMD code

fixed possible crash with automatic Volts-to-Float connections.

fix mac build

new file gimpi_simd.h

latest SIMD inverter

fix crash with MIDI tune messages into oversampled containers

improved feedback reporting

inverter using new SIMD code Sound Out now clips nicely in 64-bit SE

Waveshapers - fixed slowdown with delay compensation.

fix spelling in dialogs

save-as-vst 64-bit: Added latency compensation setting.

fix oversampling DAW adjustment

implement Ignore-PC on 64-bit plugins.

include missing source file

fix mac build

new module 'DAW Sample Rate' removed Host Control - latency compensation (it's now a setting)

added PDC option to preferences

attempt at exposing latency to VST3 (still some bugs)

latency compensation working with polyphonic oversampling

Disable oversampling if SE already running at 96k

fix crash on snapshot slider replace

fix(vst3): Rotary switch mouse response better.

fix build machine

fix(vst3): fix List Entry layout in 'up/down' mode.

fix(vst3): Scope3 now clipped correctly.

fix crash in non XML build tidy VU Meter prefab

Upgraded Image Joystick.

added support for MIDI High resolution velocity prefix

oversampler - outgoing event-based pins now correctly adjusted for latency.

oversampling, event-based input pins now delayed to match audio input.

oversampler - compensated for fractional output latency.

latency comp persistence after VST3 reset

latency compensation module working

latency compensation working correctly with oversampler

Revert "added module - latency test"

added module - latency test

correct oversampler latency calculation code tidy

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(vst3): Fix crash when skin does not specify typeface correctly.

updated 1.2 for compatibility with 1.3 auto-pin-conversion

new modules "Volts to Int" and "Int to Volts"

fixed hit test transparency to > 0 (was 50)

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix image2 (XP) mouse hits any pixel with alpha > 0 (was 50)

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix for PatchMem

fix(vst3): PatchMem modules not updating GUI when 'normalized' pin updated.

corrected xmlpreset extension in vst

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(vst3): XML Preset files now saves with correct extension, xmlpreset (not preset.xml)

Joystick - added "jump to mouse" option

fix build errors

added latency compensation module

fix mac build error

Most DSP pin types now auto-convert when connected.

new module Volts to Bool SDK now handles sleep for modules with no output voltage pins better.

reverted changes to tinted image

reverted Tinted Image changes.

updated tinted image

fix(vst3): Improvements to color of Tinted Image.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

updated drawing test

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(vst3):Rotary Switch mouse behavior improved.

code tidy

fixed.c(vst3):Improved MIDI automation.

fix(vst3): Fix polyphony and oversampling changes in plugin.

fix for Mac

fix mac error

fix(vst3): On the fly oversampling and polyphony changes working.

fix(vst3): Polyphony change in plugin now working.

fix(vst3): Polyphony control now working (up to maximum set during export)

code tidy added Processor Reset framework, not active.

fix(vst3): Polyphony control now working (up to maximum set during export)

code tidy updated Poly Synth prefab fixed crash when oversampler filter poles set to zero

update from laptop

added mouse_response reverse_vertical to skin options

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(vst3): Slider - more generous clickable rectangle. fix(vst3): Button Stack - Fixed vertical spacing between header and buttons.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(VST3): Rotary switch text now correct color.

fix(VST3) - fix crash when clicking on bitmaps that failed to load. code tidy.

fix(VST3) - fix crash when clicking on bitmaps that failed to load. code tidy.

RMS module completed

new module skeleton - RMS

Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/Release_V1_2'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(se): Default Peak Meter now lights up all segments.

Osc Naive included in 32-bit installer

Mac basic text drawing OK.

fix build on windows


fix right-click menus maximum entries

AU - Parameter Rages and Automation working.

Mac - Fixed images cached ‘flipped’.

AU - Parameter changes on GUI now affect Processor

AU - GUI now syncing -> Host Params (but not other way yet).

included some VST3 stuff in AU

Mac - Mouse up right way, EnumList param field working.

Mac - Mouse working.

Mac: MPController integrated.



from mac

vst3: Parameter handling moved to MpControler class.

code tidy (MpController)

Fix SSE loop count logic

AU - Basic text drawing working

Mac: All PD303 resources included in project

added mac resources

mac improvement

updated SE AU resources

Mac: Drawing transforms working.

Mac: Images flipped up right way

mac work

fix mac build

code tidy

fix win build

tidy up

progress on Mac

SE AU: GUI Drawing Background image correctly.

more efficient SSE loops

new module FIR Sinc Lowpass

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(se_vst3): Polyphonic GUI modules working polyphonicly (e.g. Scope3).

fix(vst3): More compact XML.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(sf-osc2): Bank selection working correctly.

DrawingFrameCocoa implemented

Mac: Graphics Context now loading and drawing images in platform-independent manner.

Tidy DirectX pixel format code.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(vst3): Subcontrols input pins feedback behavior corrected.

fix(vst3): right-click hit testing working better with transparency.

fix(vst3): Peak Meter now drawing in correct location.

rename header (hpp to .h)

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(vst3): Voltmeter interfering with background skin.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fixed.c(vst3): Voltmeters now working in 64-bit plugins.

fix(vst3): Fix defaults on main container affecting saved plugin.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(vst3): Parameters now show in DAW in correct order.

fix scc issue

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(se): Image Tinted XP working again after bug in last version.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(vst3): Better support for non-western characters in Plugin data. fix(vst2): Removed dots from front of parameter names.

fix(vst3): Better support for non-western characters in Plugin data. fix(vst2): Removed dots from front of parameter names.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(vst): 32-bit VST plugins detect demo mode correctly.


fix rotary mode on skinBitmap

fix(vst3): Better mouse hit testing on Image2 module.

fix(vst): 32-bit VST plugins detect demo mode correctly.


fix rotary mode on skinBitmap

fix(vst3): Better mouse hit testing on Image2 module.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(vst3): Nag screen working better.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(feq analyser2): Fixed glitch in area fill.

Mac disabled code signing

Mac - messed with code signing

from mac

added fastmath routines to converters

added fastmath routines to converters

fix(vst3): fixed MIDI Learn even more.

fix(vst3): fixed MIDI Learn even more.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

code tidy

UnitConverter VOlts: Fix inaccurate Hz to Volts mode.

code tidy

UnitConverter VOlts: Fix inaccurate Hz to Volts mode.

fix mac build

fix(SDK): Fix ImpBitmap vtable bug.

fix(vst3): Fix MIDI learn showing on all controls.

fix(vst3): Fix MIDI learn showing on all controls.

fix ImpBitmap vtable layout

Mac - Figured out how to display bitmaps.

Mac - add some test skin images

from Mac

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

sdk - Arc segments work in 32-bit mode (limited to 90 degree corners).

improved SDK function resolveFilename()

fix store build

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

"Ebedded Files" renames "Additional Files"


code tidy

SE AU: Line drawing working.

Added skeleton Cocoa drawing context.

SE AU: Added test drawing context

SE-AU: Deleted dead-end GUI attempts.

SE-AU: Plain GUI working

added view to SE AU (not working)

Added database.se.xml to AudioUnit project

SE-AU: Update resource files

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix Joystick missing from 32-bit VSTs

sync SDK w SE 1.3

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

improvements to new frequency analyser

fix mac build drawing.h

new module "Frequency Analyser" - fixes issues with old one and is cross platform.

new module Frequency Analyser2

improvements to new frequency analyser

fix mac build drawing.h

new updatebuildnumber

new module "Frequency Analyser" - fixes issues with old one and is cross platform.

new module Frequency Analyser2

fix build errors

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix: Sample Osc prefab - removed NULL char filenames from patches.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(scope3xp): fix not drawing trace sometimes.

scope-xp: fixed resource leak.

fixed.c(vst3): Fix Scope not drawing sometimes.

sdk: Added convenience methods from Lee Lorque


Merge from V1.2

undo test code in Rectangle

sdk: Implemented AddLines for GDI

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

sdk: Gradients work better on GDI.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

Better support for displaying program name in VST2 IMages now load with corect pixel format when falling back to DX 10.1 commented out some debug messages

fix(vst3): Faster image premultiplication on loading.

fix(vst): Meter updates pushed to GUI at faster framerate.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

backport Bitmap integer size method

vst3: Increased maximum graphics frame rate to 60 Hz.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(sdk): Fix piniterator helper class. fix(sdk): Fix Drawing.h method declarations/

fix se_vst not loading in SynthEdit store solution

fixes to 32-bit build

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(installer): Attempt to fix VC Runtime (64bit) not detected correctly.

fix missing header on mac

vst3: increased queue timer to 30Hz

fix build errors from merge

fix(vst3): Smoother framerate when mouse held.

fix(vst3): Smoother framerate when mouse held.

faster image frame calculation

fix(vst3): module database now has separate XML file to speed up loading.

attempt to improve GUi responsiveness fix(vst3): faster parameter lookup

fix(vst3): GUI more responsive when mouse dragging a control.

upgraded MIDI buffers

code tidy

faster wstring conversions in graphics code

test(vst3): Rendering uses linear color space on DX 10.1 drivers Attempted fix for blacked-out text.

fix(se): Fix possible crash using "replace" feature. more compact XML when only exporting processor.

AU - MIDI working correctly.

improved MidiBuffer class.



Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(vst3): Fix GUI 'freezing' when mouse dragged on control.

vst3:more aggressive code optimization.

vst3:cache inverse DPI for faster drawing.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix spurious "Default" XML when saving as VST3. Autosave now works even when "load last project" disabled.

fix spurious "Default" XML when saving as VST3. Autosave now works even when "load last project" disabled.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(vst3): MIDI learn now works with "Show on Panel" (nested controls).

fix(vst3): MIDI learn now works with "Show on Panel" (nested controls).

fix(se): Fix crash on "play"

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fixed.c(installer):now respects users install location.


fix(installer): now respects user-specified install folder.

fix export of VST2 wrapper accounting for additional aeffectptr pin. remove JUCE SDK from repo

code refactor/tidy

more compact XML exports

add missing member to controler

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix reading presets with BLOBs

fix(vst3):More efficient UI->Processor Queue

fix(vst3): default font colors now correct.

fix(vst3): Fixed List-Entry heading sometimes aligned wrong.

Added ability to load V1.3 file format.

update math calls


AU now accepts MIDI and processes SE project (still need to handle real-time MIID).

blob and non-stateful parameters working in vst3

latest updatebuildnumber util

support for new VST2 Wrapper


from laptop

fix XML nameing

controller improvements

improved latency support improved WV wrapper support


fixes from laptop

fix(se): Voice refresh was not refreshing voice zero.

new module latency adjust event

oversampler now has latency compensation

improved PDC

fix(sdk): Fixed auto-sleep bug on modules with only input pins.

PDC improvements

included timestamped events in latency compensation

latency specification moved to module xml fix(SS): Private and IPC now synced

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(installer): Correct detection of VC Runtime

rudimentary latency compensation support

AU - VoiceMute copied to correct folder in bundle

AU - Loading xml OK

Mac - Replaced SDK example synth class with my class

Mac now loading dip xml OK.

moved dll resource query to separate class

Merge commit 'd85b9066267fe46f9e9b8d294112f143f2a9ccbf'


Added class BundleInfo

Added Mac Resource Files for PD303 example

fix(Appstore): Installer now requires vc redist

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(installer): Improved detection of vc runtime.

cleaner XML export

better locking on XML init

Fix issue with VST2 plugins

better locking on XML init

new options added to Unit Converter (Volts)

upgraded unitconvert(volts)

Fix issue with VST2 plugins

moved filterbase to shared sdk folder


Added support for vst3-vertical-offset to global.txt


Added support for vst3-vertical-offset to global.txt

fix filters build

filters now built before installer

Added Butterworth filters to build

fix build errors on timestamp_t

New shelving filters

Added Butterworth filters

fix mystery-note bug (instrument re tunes interacting)

more efficient float-to-int in audio driver

fix(se): Fix release mode build issues.

fix(se):oversampling fixes

fix(se): oversampling downsampling working correctly with odd ratios.

fix(se): Much improved upsampling in oversampler.

fix(se): improvements to oversampling with MIDI-CV

fix(midi_cv2):Poly glide working again.

added OscillatorNaive.sem(naive) to solution

code tidy

fix(se): Voice allocation note stack now ignored already-released keys.

latest from laptop

voices now allocated strictly by arrival time, including held-back keys.

AU - Got debugging working via AUVAL

SEAU added synth xml resources

improvement to fmlab export

DSP_CORE files building ok on AU

fixes from AU build

fix build after moving protected file

moved protectedfile

fixes from AU build

Removed SvFilter2 project again

Merge 1.2 latest fixes

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(VU Meter): VU Meter now ignores mouse in default skin. fixed.c(vst3): Fix possible crash when right-clicking.

fix(vst3):MIDI learn working.

renamed use of font "Courier" to "Courier New" (actual font name recognized by DX)

Popup Menu Better vertical font alignment

SvFilter2 back (was removed by accident).

sync w WV

fix(vst3): Added "About" box support.

move code around pointlessly

fix crash in voice stealing

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

SDK fix broken ABI on Dialog OKCancel

SDK fix broken ABI on Dialog OKCancel

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix UpdateBuildNumber bugs

update build number more verbose

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(vst3): Nag Screen working (added OK/Cancel Dialog to SDK)

update build number more verbose fix crash on automating monophonic parameters with keys

Update Build Number now takes optional build-number argument

further Filter tidying

Merged StateVariableFilter2 w VaFilters SEM Modernised it's settling code.

fix(svfilter2): safer stability check.

fix(VA SVFilter): More efficient auto-settling.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

improved export defines

replaced obsolete _finite() with isfinite()

fix(se): V1.3 SEM Cache now separate from 1.2

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(sample-loader2): Fix Banks not listed if initial SF2 filename don't exist.

code tidy

Improvements to export

VA Filters updated to latest Settling algorithm.

Added extra users to export list

fix(vst3): Removed interpolation on Panel-Group image, less artifacts when scales.

fix(vst3): Fix potential crash when changing sample-rate in DAW.

fix spurious assert in float to volts

fix(vst3): Removed interpolation on Panel-Group image, less artifacts when scales.

Plugin Export now handles bundles.

update from Waves

fix(vst3): Fix potential crash when changing sample-rate in DAW.

fix(se): Fix export glitches.

missing file

fixes from laptop

new Dialog for export plugin

fix(se):new in-memory export code working.

work on exposing Export-Waves functions

[fix](se): Better Voice Stealing

new voice-stealing based an actual peak volume (not only guestimate).

latest from laptop

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2'

fix(keyboard2 xp): Fixed crashing in 32-bit SE.

Merge branch 'Release_V1_2' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into Release_V1_2

fix(vst64):Fix for MIDI tuning message support.


code tidy only.

fix(se): Fix occasional dead note with voice-refresh.

fix(wave recorder): Time limit more accurate (was overshooting).

fix(installer): SE 1.3 now installs side-by-side with 1.2

fix(mac): fix mac-specific build errors.

fix(vst3): Fix resizing plugin window while partially occluded.

fix(vst3): Dirty Rectangles clipped to client rect.

fix{vst3): new rendering method.

messed with gradient gamma. not satisfying.

fix(vst3): Fix resizing plugin window while partially occluded.

fix{vst3): new rendering method.

fast gamma fixed.

latest gui stuff

fast gamma calculations moved to header-only implementation

fixing gmpi drawing Color

fix(vst3): Fix resizing plugin window while partially occluded.

fix(vst3): Fix resizing plugin window while partially occluded.

fix(vst3): Dirty Rectangles clipped to client rect.

fix{vst3): new rendering method.

messed with gradient gamma. not satisfying.

fast gamma fixed.

latest gui stuff

fast gamma calculations moved to header-only implementation

fixing gmpi drawing Color

fix build-order bugs


voice refresh pauses before restarting to save CPU.

fixed crash due to class lacking virtual destructor

fix build dependencies of installer on modules

More diagnostics in update build number

removed some explicit paths from build tools

Update Installer Version Display to 1.3

Voices are now 'refreshed' periodically to clear out old samples from SFZ and to prevent clicks after patch changes.

Update Version Number to 1.3

latest updatebuildnumber.exe

code tidy

fix(synthedit): Better error message when loading very old projects.

fix:(patch-manager): Support non-realtime tuning changes (in addition to real-time)

feat(vst3): Note-Expression events now supported via MIDI into plugin.

feat(vst3): Support MIDI SYSEX messages.

Added Oscillator(Naive) to SynthEdit solution

Osc (Naive) Working

fix: Fixed hand when clicking Containers "Show On Module" after inserting a Patch-Automator.

fix: try DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_DISCARD not DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_SEQUENTIAL to fix image corruption in some cases.

fix: VST GUI - Slider now respects "padding" on images.

wave-player uses correct OS string encoding when opening wave files

Fix line nodes getting messed up during paste operations.

wave player handles European codepage in filename

vst3 code tidy

DX GUI - mouse response "none" now respected.

experimental fix for optimus graphics drivers

VST3 - Fixed preset load and save.

MIDI Learn now ignores note-on and other unwanted controllers.

fixes for 64-bit slider rotary mode and resolvefilename

fix bug in SDK. modules crashing in SE 1.1

partial convert SE 1.0 to modernish c++

Added SE V1 source files

Cancellation Snapshot Compare working

Added new project Cancellation snapshot compare

cacellation snapshot working

fixes to cancellation tester

added cancellation tester project for investigating Waves cancellation failures.

update cancellation analyses code

commented out new voice stealing mode for now

Add control of maximum overlaps in poly overlap mode.

voice-monitor - will now fully release overlap voices when done (regardless of hold-pedal)

Polyphony overlap mode - repeated notes now release naturally even when hold pedal down.

code tidy only - VoiceList::allocateVoice()

Added new switchers to SynthEdit Store solution.

bpm clock4 updates

included new switches into main project

new switch modules

spelling correction

Improvements to swing syncing in BPM Clock4



latest from laptop

code tidy

DX GUI - Paint now combines overlapping update rectangles.

scope back to original line drawing

code tidy

DX tinted image now approximates SE behavior

DX GUI fixed tinted image

fix crashing VST3s fix VST export using 'exclude' flag (now only waves export does.

Fix bug in reading child plugin xml

revert host control order to retain compatibility with exported waves xml.

more consistent childplugins.h export


new BPM Clock4

kickstart build

fix for text entry 4

SE UWP - Now creates skins and prefabs in Documents folder on first use.

removed unneeded variable

update build number

VST2wrapper working in exported plugins (64-bit)

fix release build header missing

support for VST child plugins in VST3 plugins.

64-bit - included Note-Expression and Controls-XP SEMS in installer. Was causing crash on export-vst.

VST3 - Preset XML load/save working.

Text Entry 4 - text in popup now sized same as font setting.

added winmm.lib to VST3 project for wave-player module.

VST - fixed stack overflow when sending parameters to DSP.

removed appx project (didn't work)

added project to package appx

added png lib binaries (64-bit)

update-build-number now outputs errors to console.

VST3 increase DSP->GUI buffer size for MIDI monitor

Add wavesshapers to VST3

work on UWP

fixes to waves export

DX GUI faster drawing

DX GUI -faster Scopes (still slow)

DX GUI - faster updates via more sophisticated use of update region.

DX-GUI added Alpha correction to images

DX GUI - Add alpha pre-warp to image loader

DX GFX text rendering closer to legacy.

DX GFX Improved text alinments

sync w waves


DX GUI - Rectangle ported.

DX GUI PanelGroup now caches content.

gfx improvements

latest graphics fixes (better caching of bitmaps)

fix typo

fix wrong translation of clip rect to sub-container views.

removed store-app detection (crashed on launch on Win7)

Gmpi GUi - now shares drawing factory across entire window (not per-module). Far more efficient.

removed bitmap caching from ui_plugin4, was screwing up caching in modules (premultiplying alpha applied multiple times to same image).

Tinted Image - Was using wrong color channel for alpha

New logging of memory allocations (fixed allocator) Fixed all code to use fixed mem allocator if enabled. Fixed bug in fast log2 under intel compiler

images now adjusted to pre-multiplied alpha on load

Added new SubControl files

fix version.txt output path

rebuilt build number uprdater

Added SynthEditStore solution to git

Create new Solution "SynthEditStore" with Desktop Packaging Project.

DX GUI - Fonts now default to color Black (not white). Same as SE.

SDK fixes for GCC (Codeblocks)

Fixes for GCC

DX GUI - "Writable" working on Text-Entry

sync w waves

Popup menu fixed missing border calculation

SE UWP: Now creates default skin folder on first run (copying files from appx).

fix CopyToWaves not running

ug_voice_monitor - fix sample-clock truncated to 32-bits (overnight bug).

import VST2 dll now extracts images more reliably.

scope3 - snap lines to pixels to beat fuzzies.

DIrectsound driver - fix for numeric overflow with 32-bit samplecounter.

DXGUI - more efficient redraw using clip-rect as guide.

DXGUI Scope now respects font style.

"Exclude from export" only affects Waves now (was VST also).

sync w waves

update from waves for VST2 wrapper

updated to windows 10 signtool path

hasMidiTuning - fixed 32-bit timestamp overflow

DX GUI - Panel Group now shows trailing spaces in title (MeasureTextExtentU fixed)

64-bit VST2: factory presets working

VST3 - Updates from DSP now thread-safe (Ableton bug).


remove VST2 scan from 64-bit version

Fixed DX GUI ignoring pins set to non-default blank values.

latest vcredists

fixed slow loading caused by always re scanning modules.

removed unnest header

Factory Presets working in VST2 64-bit

preliminary support for presets in VST3 export.

VST3 - Tinted Image Working correctly.

popup menu now appears on mouse-up (fixes glitchness) also has columns on big lists.

VST3 - Bool Splitter working.

VST3 - PatchMem Bool now working.

SDK, less use of void** return types for string etc. Use actual struct type instead.

VST3 "ModuleParamId" deserialised w correct default (0 not -1). (fix snapshot list entry).

DX GUI cliprect now working in VST3

remove unused clientOffset_

DX GUI Invalidate Rect and windows clip rect working

DX GUI - Fix gui pins not init on new connection. (Fm-Lab "Show on Panel" not init correctly).

Fixed Txt Widget clearing Resource URIs for entire slider. Resulting in Export VST missing resources.

removed unused AddView2

REmoved unused "TagSkins" functionality.

new MIDI Monitor

improved VST2 wrapper support

VST Slider improvements

VST3 - Slider less likely to be truncated horizontally.

reverted runaway build number


Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

Build Machine: Updated version number file

added version.txt

VST3 - Image2 and Image Tinted now export bitmap files correctly.

Fixed List-Entry3 not working with -ve indices on DX-GUI

about box version naming convention now same as website

Clearer build information for website from script.

sync w waves

Fixed "Exclude from Export" feature

update build version utility exe

fix version update script.

fixed bug in project build updater

Added new script for updating build number

New version numbering based on build number.

Updated copyright year. downgraded importance of EXE_VERSION_NUM

Removed referenced to unused IDS_LANG_DLL_VERSION

Wix installers and bootstrappers now take version number direct off the SynthEdit.exe No need to edit files.

gmpi gui - fixed crash with unkowen font name

updated version number manually

handle new VST2 wrapper


from laptop

Improved Waves Export for Fm-Lab

Added Audio Unit Extension bundle from Mac Build

removed unused "with MIDI" target

updated gitignore to include .pch

SE AU - Added missing file

Check in SE AU Prototype

removed obsolete source files from vst3 project

- fix build dependencies. - Code signing now from localmachine store assets/logo.png(not personal)

test submit

removed non-functioning tooltip code.

built libpng on build machine


new Popup Menu now replaces old one on DX panels

Popup Menu XP working well

added missing prefab to SCC

fix bug handling MIDI Data entry slider.

Fix held back notes sometimes playing far too late (several seconds)

release w VST Wrapper fix for Guy

fix popup menu build

VST Wrapper saves presets correctly in VST2 plugin

started adding XP Popup Menu

support for VST Wrapper chunks

sync w waves

fixed crash loading older projects because plugs UG not set.

SDK gradientbrush support on GdiPlus

zlib update

small optimisation of events

built a new release

DSP.XML now has "Document" tag wrapping content.

VST3 - Scope more efficient when one channel silent. (less GUIupdates)

VST3 - SCopes working again (BLOB parameters not updating GUI).

vst3 - fixed fonts always taken from default skin.

DX GUI - fixed shitty image metadata caching.

vst3 - togle buttons now toggleg

vst3 - refactored parameter memory.

VST3 - gui normalised values updating from DSP. (FM-LAB step LEDS)

latest work on save-asvst

export vst saves only appropriate preset type (VST2/3)

added 64-bit VST2 export option

release 1.1161 (Alpha)

VST2 export: - fixed missing Voice MUTE - Fixed not exporting Gimpi Gui images


DX GUI Better interpolation be default when rendering bitmaps

DX GUI - Sizes GUI correctly according to system DPI.

save as vst3 - fixed save folder

DX GUI - Bimaps with mask now correctly calculating PRE-muliplied alpha.

code tidy

DX Text Entry now shows File Dialog with extension and initial path

Filedialog SDK now async

DX GUI - Text-Entry module now working

added rotary switch widget

64-bit export now creates VST2 wrapper presets in .fxp format.

save-as-vst3 added initial code to save presets in wrapped fxp format.

export to waves updates for E200

DX GUI - Tinted Image renders better "no image" graphic. TextFormat Word Wrapping settings supported.

DX GUI - Faster pin-from-parameter lookup. (faster screen update on parameter change).

DX GUI - Context Menus working.

GG Container visibility switching working (Show Controls on Parent)

sync List_Entry (xp) and Snapshot List Entry as much as practical.

improved GG List Entry

convert rotary switch to widget

DX GUi fixed initialize() not called on embedded structure views (show on module).

Restructured code so WPF modules are initialized() BEFORE measure and arrange.

dx gui - Slider layout improved.

dx-gui scope working fully

dx-gui save-as-vst3 VST3 panel background now aligned correct,

dx-gui List-Entry rendering more accurate.

dx-gui Keyboard2 now sizing correct.

dx-gui - List Entry now renders correctly

ui_text_entry4 replacement TextEntry4Gui now draws exactly the same.

VST3 keyboard working

DX GUI - Keyboard now playing notes.

fixed enum DrawTextOptions not ported correctly

DX-GUI - fixed issues in VST3

dx gui - fixed mouse unresponsiveness

latest dx gui, PanelGroup ignores mouse in center 'hole'

DX GUI - popup menus now correct position

fix 32-bit build error

xp keyboard now handling mouse.

dx-gui Gradient brushes working. New keyboards replacement module

DX GUI - fixed initilize() not called on GDI panels.

DX GUI fixed sub-view mem leak.

dx gui, tinted image and panel group working

dx gui TextEntry3 replacement working

DX GUI - Backgroound bitmap now applied

fix invalidation storm when opening dx view

new dialog

from laptop, improved paramter export

dx gui - sub-panels displaying + mouse

latest from laptop

Sub-Views now drawing with correct offset.

VST-GUI fixed faulty mouse-capture.

exclude D2D related classes from 32-bit build

vst3 panel now sized correctly.

save-as-vst3 now exporting SEMs correctly (was missing substitutes).

dx gui - sm knob now layout correct. List Entry initial value no longer blank.

dx gui - List-Entry Selector mode layout correct.

fixed GDI modules initializing gui in different order than DX

dx gui combo box looking better

dx gui, Sliders and List-Entry working via substituted modules.

DX GUI - Substitutes Gmpi-GUI Slider and list-Entry on JSON export.

removed annoying assert

Tidy up some initialization errors with GMPI GUI modules.

DX GUI Text-Entry and Menu working

dx gui - controls patch initializes correctly on open.

fixed crash on DX GUI VST3

DX GUI. Sub-Views working

dx gui work in progress

VST3 DX fixed crash on exit

Added El200 to known Waves plugins IDs

Added "Exclude from VST" feature.

work on VST3 DX

DX Gui: In-gui connections working. Fixed mem leak.

DX GUI now handles mouse and invalidation

latest json gui stuff

sync w waves

code tidy

excel only

fix GMPI GUI imbedded bitmaps

release build

attempt to fix imbedded skins


latest DX GUI work

fixed mem leaks in DX GFX

public release

SEU building (after gmpi gui upgrade)

GMPI GUI now const-correct(more)

fixed some issues with wrong colors on modules

work on MP GUI

gui bug fixes

SE Builds again (not tested) after GMPI GUI upgrade.

finished converting to new GMPI GUI, builds, but not tested.

GIMPI GUi work in progress

Added DX Header converter project


WIP Gradient brushes

DX GFX, fixed some mem leaks, lines now drawing (badly)

fix build with GUI SDK updates




latest DX GUI

fixed some crashes on laptop


SSE now used only if availalble

make SSE optional


fft fixes

fix fft memory overwrite

cleaner use of wstring_convert


pitch detector work


fix build


SEU Work in progress



DirectX progress


directX work

fix build of shared code

progress on D2D gfx

aded file

fixed Release builds

fixed 32bit build

simplified OnDestroyFrameWindow()

Projects all using VS2015 platform better organized intermediate folders

work on DIrectX Panel Upgraded all projects to VS2015

added installer c++ redist binaries

from laptop, better export

VST fix mac build

mac build fixes

vst3 moved graphics transform

fixed stack overflow on XM List Entry

SE builds OK w new VST3 SDK

Updated VST3 SDK (moved too)

SE JUCE Mac build working (had to tweak VST3 SDK), changed VST3 SDK include path in Xcode.

SE JUCE, added project files

New SE JUCE Plugin

moves vst sdk

from jeffs

update vst3 SDK and move to SDKS

SEU - added delete feature.

release stuff

sync w waves

from laptop

from laptop

fixed horible crashin when shell vst2 dll not present

missing file seu

missing skin files seu

missing files

missing files

missing files

fewer vst scan messages. fixed hex export waves issue

better waves export child plugins

JOystick image now uses old version on 32-bit, new version on 64-bit

VST3 fixed scope crash JOystick replaced by SEM


fix imagecache


from e88

from waves, tempo support changes

sync w waves

latest mac build

xp List Entry - Text now clipped correctly in plain mode.

improved rendering xp Controls List Entry

latest Mac build

Added Scope_XP files

gmpi gui - text-entry now asnyc.

from laptop

SEU - Text-Entry working (async!)

improve font metrics

Added DrawingTest module

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2276 available * VST3 knob prefab showing properly ('show controls on parent' was being ignored).

from Jeffs

latest VST3 mac build

VST3 knobs now draw correctly

latest official release SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2275

Fixed image loading on Mac VST3

build fixes for Win

latest from Jeffs desktop

from Mac: * Cleaner build. * Fixed build problems in project files.

latest Mac build

better caching of Fonts and bitmaps metadata xp List Entry - better LED-Stack fidelity.

fixes VST3 losing preset on sample-rate change.

sync w waves

VST - bitmap mask files now exported if exist.

xp slider - improved readout box

SEU latest

SEU modules sized better

SEU - Image2 knob working. tidied expression evaluate

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2273 available * VST3 - Improved fidelity of Sliders and Knobs and List-Entry in exported plugins.

updated to VS2015 platform toolset.

gmpi GUI text improved on VSTGUI Engine project updated to VS2015


from laptop

VST3 better text extent support

improved LED stack

GDIPlus xplatform - Text Extent calc now MUCH closer to Direct2D

xplatform List-Entry working well.

SEU - fix flickering redraw (offset) bug.

from laptop

SEU - Work on Patch Management

cleaner xml export

updated MIDI filter

VST3: LED Stack mode working on Combo

VST3: Button-Stack combo mode working.

VST3 Project upgraded to vs2015

Merge branch 'SE_App_Store'

from laptop, porting improvements.


SEU - work on Parameter support in the GUI

vst3 - more work on combo

VST3 GUI List-Entry substitute kind of working.

new VST3 Slider working well.

waves export now checks param scaling

VST3 GUI parameters screwed up. need to store module handles with params.

VSTGUI Improved Sliders.

from Jeffs

from laptop

cleaner XML xport

improved xp slider

fixed memory leak in ControlsXp

VST3: X-platform controls now draw Title on panel where appropriate.

release SE with MIDI learn fix

build fix

updates from Waves

added textwidget to controlsxp

undid silly header code on new slider (headers added outside of module draw)

fixed slider build error

Added Slider2 code

fixes for piano export

Started substituting SDK3 Slider for classic slider and VSlider (VSTGUI) in VST3.

more json exportness

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2269 available * Fixed sub-views getting lost. * new sub-control Bools-to-Int * Fixed MIDI automation not working.

Sub-Presets: added strict/relaxed loading criteria

Added Sub-Patch Manager module

switched to smart pointer on all VisualOb child iterators

Patch-Automator now draws full-width in sub-panels.

SE UWA Preliminary PatchMem support

SE UWP: Support IMpUserInterfaceHost (legacy) GUI objects.

removed loading images from stream, now loads from file only. because winrt SEU mouse working.

SEU: Loaded an image!

SEU associated with App Store

SEU: XML scanning done *before* loading document.

latest mac build and fixes

latest from Mac

SE Universal: * Scans module XMLs from Install folder.

code tidy from Element2

fix MIDI automation

fix legacy controls missing in VST3 export

better waves export

synced w waves

fix uninitialized host controls DSP patch memory.

latest work on SEU, hooking up GUI connections

fix host controls like NoteExpression Pan init to garbage in VST

fixes to show-on-parents

code tidy plus ability to import cancellation dumps

latest Max fixes

fixed vst3 bug with parameter index not init

cleaning up VA filters

added vs filters project

SEU - Added basic sub-controls

rationalized pre-compiled headers. Should now use only pch.h and pch.cpp


VA Filters - more robust stability check. also refactored SV Filters to common base class. reinstated impulse module

latest modules build from Mac

Latest Mac build

latest from laptop (shell plugins)

work on shell plugins

Impulse Response - fixed 64-bit build.

fixed spurious messages when loaded vst wrapper plugins

fixed incorrect critical section use on bitmaps

new VA filters code

VA Moog filters working (unoptimized)

fixed copy copying all modules database after any module scan.

improvements to VAT Wrapper support

from laptop

new project for VA Filters (ZDF)

new sub-control module Bools to Int

dynmaic linking routines now mac compatible


file paths dialog now disables scan button until changes to path applyed

Improved VST2 wrapper support

new release

Updated support for Shell SEMs

fixed file dialog missing bitmaps msg

improve waves export

from waves

release for Guy

fix for dragging hidden suv-views

from JEff

latest from SE Universal

fix mutex header clash


more x-platform dll code.

from jeffs

fixed problem with managed code including (not allowed)

sync w Waves

VST2 Wrapper pointer size adjustment for 64-bit

fixed unicode issue enumeration ASIO drivers.

improved VST2 Wrapper. Fixed not working on non-SE systems.

from laptop

from jeffs

mac - made a workspace for see modules

new Mac build

new build Mac, new VST3 SDK, new Xcode

Upgraded VST3 SDK to 3.6.5

fix crash in VST3 with unconnected IO plugs with default

fix "Show on Parent" not correct. and release.

SE Universal: Uses WIC OK now.

latest release

VST2 Wrapper: * Fix sync between GUI and GUi pins in VST2 mode.

sync w Waves

from jeff old laptop

new module Wave Recorder2 added new voice-stealing mode for Guy

Image Tinted now has mouse-response override

suppress errors when scanning ffmpeg dlls in VST folder.

Poly Glide working.

new MIDI-CV V2 with poly glide

sync w Waves

Release SE 1.22540 Fixes voice-stealing in overlap mode.

SE Release 1.22530

MP_GUI2: Images now load correct skin in VST2 plugins.

fix non-vst dlls showing on vstplugins menu.

fix ui_float_scaler not included in VST2.

sync w waves

fix poly control in main container not working due to duplicate Patch_Param being created on project load.

Attempt to fix problem when hold-pedal down. Stolen voices never free up.

Release SE 1.22480

Added float splitter improved VST2 wrapper

latest release

latest Mac build.

missing XP SEM files

fixed screw ups with VST 2.4 support.

tweaks from laptop

from WSampler

fixed bug in VST2 wrapper

from laptop, improvements to VST2 Wrapper. fix mem leak in ug_plugin3

from laptop

fixes to vst wrapper

from laptop

waves - enum params now pass index to DSP, which looks it up.

from JEffs

update SE to use latest VST SDK (2.4)

sync VST2 wrapper w waves

sync with waves

from laptop

from jeffs

from laptop

from jeffs

fix windows.h mess

SEU latest

snapshot stuff

fix snapshot renaming

SEU - basic module gfx placeholder.

from laptop

stop joystick imageXP clashing with old one

fix layout module

from waves

LED Stack (XP) working

SEU LInes now calced to correct module width

SEU - Better plug numbering in json

fixs from polypod

MOved Scope XP into COntrols-XP project

fix notes shutting off while hold-pedal held.

SEu GUI plugs showing

SEU - Module widths sizing to plugs correct.

SE Universal: better drawing

XP Slider working fairly well.

SE Universal Proper pin names drawn

Improvements to XP Controls (slider)

fix coipt to waves

reduce structure view memory consumption by reducing window size where possible

SE now outputs modulefactory json for all needed modules inclus=ding internal ones (since SE Universal don't have internal modules).

SE Universal working again (refactored).

improved VST2 wrapper for Guy.

fixed some bugs around closing VST2 editor window when plugin removed.

fixed GUI SDK GDI font scaling on structure.

rearranged presenter view etc relationships.

vst3 - gui2 sdk. fixed SDK mouse offset.

fixed snapshot renaming bug for Guy

fixed poly aftertouch fixed x-mix stat change bug

from laptop

fixed MIDI CV Poly Aftertouch

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2244 available * VST3 - Removed 'Bender' etc from list of automatable parameters. * VST3 - Fixed Buttons toggle setting being ignored. * VST3 - Bar Graphs displays improved. * Fixed glitchy scrolling

latest mac build


fixed glitchy scrolling

fix user's bitmap issues in VST3


from E2

fixed my fast log

work on unitconverter

VST3 - remove MIDI CCs from automatable parameters.

latest mac build

VST3 support for multiple outputs

Removed connector class, plugs now simply store pointers to destination plug.

Release SE 1.22420 still trying to fix snapshots.

Merge branch 'snapsfix2'

trying to fix snapshots through consolodate PostBuildStuff and SetUnusedPlugs2

SE 1.22410 VSTWrapper scans with VSTs now. more work on SDK pixel access

SE 1.22400 released. Fixed missing Note Expression module. SDK: basic support for pixel access. 64-bit

from laptop

Release SE update for Guy (snapshot sliders)

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2238 available * File Dialog module returns. * Image2 - Reverted code causing crash on insert. * VST3 - Attempt to fix validation error on Mac with BPM Clock.

latest Mac build

demoted image3 from image2 back to experimental

tidy up

work on bypass

bypass work

work on bypass

work on bypass

work on bypass

work on bypass

work on bypass

work on bypass support.

fixes for bypass support.

from laptop, working on bypass

switches can now use bypass.

testing Arcs instead of beziers

started work on gmpi gui pixel access.

Clearer messages on scanning duplicate VST2 wrapped plugins.

SEU latest

SEU - lines drawn UNDER modules.

SEU - module dragging working nice. Renamed "controller" "presenter".

Image2 mouse response now full featured.

work on Image2

fixes to 64-bit build. not sure why needed.

work on waves export for fmlab

SYnc w waves

seperated out SubcontrolsXP (64bit SEMS) into Subcontrols.sem for 32 and 64-bit SEMs 32-bit installer now harvest SEMS automatically

Mac Text Entry SDK working!

work on VST3 text entry

Mac text entry work.

work on mac textbox

from laptop. Waves export work.

missing file

sync w Waves

fixed snapshots being hooked up twice in nested containers.

improved waves export.

SynthEdit now rescans modules first time it starts after upgrade.

SEU progress on adding controller.

VST3 - Patch Info menu working again.

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2234 available * Image2 - Fixed sizing issues. * Fixed crash on save when no 'Most Recent' documents on File menu.

latest Mac build

Fixed SE GUI2 modules sizing and layout bugs. Fixed crash on update empty MRU

fixed "different version of Inverter" message. Disabled faulty VST2 Wrapper in 64-bit fixed gui pin iterator mem leak.

SEU implemented basic module selection.

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2233 available * Delay2 - Fixed intermittant small output spikes when modulating. * VST3 - fixes a SDK message-pipe bug.

latest mac build and fixes

missing files

Removed "warm-up" processing as it ate up GUI->DSP messages when host did multiple inits due to sample-rate changes.

IMprove Waves export for FmLab

Merge branch 'temp'


latest tweaks

Joystick and Image2 replaced by XP SEMs on 64-bit only (till stable).

restored duplicate module warning on scan.

latest mac build

missing files

latest from mac

fix build on mac

cross platform modules - fixed build error

missing files

various fixes.

SE Universal. Scrapped classes for storing model, just using JSONCPP directly.

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2231 available * Fixed - Audio pins with no connections, and a non-zero default value, were getting multiplied by 10 during 64-bit save-as-vst.

Improved XP Image sub-control.

VST2 Wrapper now updates pin defaults when parameters tweaked.

SE will close rearmost windows once more than 4 windows opened (to prevent out-of-memory crash).

SE - Tooltips supported on VST3

SE Universal - more refactoring mouse support. need to handle zoom and pan.


from laptop

SE Universal: Basic handling of mouse events. Proper App-bar.

Win32 - disabled "Whole Program Optimisation". Produced very hard to find bug inlining called to SDK modules built with different runtime (crash).

JSON export now outputs modules database (not quite correct yet)

SE Universal. Loading lines working.

latest mac build


SubCOntrolsXp project added.

SE 1.22280 Released

further work on VST2 wrapper. GUI now shows.

fixed MIDI learn with note-on to monophonic control.

new Joystick working, except in VST3

latest from laptop

fixed installer, mac sems.

installer now harvests mac sems rather than hand-code them.

FileDialog module working XP Subcontrols included in 64-bit installer installer using WiX HEAT.

consolidated Waves XML code


from laptop

latest from waves

latest mac build - cocoa text box builds OK. Not tested.

V1.22260 Released

Fixed PM Float out not sending MIDI automation.

work on mac text entry

new files

V2 loading document working somewhat.

VST3 - context menu indexing fixe.



latest mac build

added preliminary json export to SE and import to SE V2

latest mac build

V2 - basic json reading.

RE-used text-edit popup dialog for VST3 Win32 mode. (still need to support OSX).

fixed 32-bit build.

V2 faster drawing

GMPI GUI - Context Menus working everywhere.

context menu working on SE on DX GFX

latest mac build

latest from laptop


Work on right-click menu.

more work on right-click menus under VST GUI.

V2 plug text aligned right.

improvements to arranging

V2: added stuff

V2 - Gradient brush on modules.

V2 Modules drawing bumpy in D2D

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

latest GUI work for VST3

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

update export waves stuff for WSampler

V2 - Started drawing bumpy modules. Not correct yet.

VST3 - Fixed crash in FL Studio.

v2 added jsoncpp

SE2 Added basic lines.

SE2 zoom now DPI-correct.

gmpi gui - Textbox and dropdown list implemented on DIrectX hosting (64-bit)

SDK edit box working on Win32 GDI.

SE 2 * Zoom working.

added versioning to se_vst.dat

SE 2 - Switched structure from VirtualSurface to ImageSource with manual scrolling. No zoom yet.

latest mac build

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

latest mac

fixed modifier keys in xplatform modules

added cross-platform-controls module


latest mac build

x-platofrm modules * added mac project file from template

fixed GDI DC leak in getdpi()

text entry - fixed initial sizing

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013


renamed note_expression_synth.xcconfig to VST3Plugin.xcconfig to fix warning about underscores

latest mac build

fixed unique-id database corruption when replacing incompatible module on load.


Fixed bootstrapper versioning to uninstall older versions

SE Universal view supports dpi.

messing pointlessly with VST2 COM.

partial fix for crash on scanning Wavesshell (crash on exit instead).

VST2 wrapper working

SE 1.22170 released fixed 64-bit installer bug

fixes to VSTWrapper

latest VST2 wrapper

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

Created SynthEdit Universal App

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013


latest Mac binaries

latest VST2 wrapper

latest VST2 shell

work on VST2

improvements to VST2 shell

attempt to fix installer installing multiple copies.

latest cancellation stuff

VST Wrapper 64-bit compatible.

VST Wrapper now scans in background thread to avoid COM ref count issues with buggy plugins.

New Project SynthEdit Universal App!

Attempt to fix COM init problems by scanning VST's in a background thread. This way if they screw up the thread COM init reference count it won't propogate out to WPF (!!CRASH!!)

Workaround crash on save-as-vst by avoiding re-scan of VST plugins.


removed COM init crap. WPF already inits COM.

More safety around COM init/deinit.

fixed possible issue with app calling CoUninitialize when CoInitialize had failed (screwing ref count) and crashing WPF.

improvements to VST2 wrapper. Not crashing on standard plugins.

changed back to STA on engine3 Upgraded MpBase2 to use two-stage init like GUI.

fixed ASIO to work in UNICODE environment

Added Coinitialize and STA attribute to linker/advanced to try to fix pervasive crashes in Engine dll.

**** main branch reintegrated manually (as much as possible without going unstable again) **** Hopefully. Main branch should now be almost identical except use of VS2015 compiler and .NET 4.6

sync w waves

missing asio file

Latest release, plus added missing ASIO file

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

fix installers for VS2013 again

Latest Mac binaries etc

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

fix mac build


Added VST Wrapper from main

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

ported fix for Module IDs containing semi-colons.

fixed VST Wrapper crash through not closing effect. Added StripFilename utiility

ported VST Shell support from main

added 2015 version of auto build

ported module resizing fix from main.


Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

fixed cancellation stuff

more work on VST wrapper - unable to debug exception in native (debugger show managed).

fixed crappy module resizing.

SE Released.

set SE to use default assembly info to try to fix exception on help-about reduced priority of line endpoint calc on load to try to fix lines not arranged on load.

built release OK, 32-bit GUI screwed.

build fixes

Added engine3 files to git. engine3.rc is recovered from old engine after i hosed it.

fixed 64-bit release build

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013'

update installer to include mac SDK template

updated ASIO SDK - had to manually fix unicode issues. manually merged some fixes from main for Guy

fixed WSampler Sampler-ID CC. Fixed merge conflict.

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013'


Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

updated cancellation code.

latest - crashing on exit or after module scan. possible MFC issue.

Created VST Wrapper SEM

fixed some crashes in layout, win32.

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013'

added png libs

ALl builds working

sync w Waves

fixed most builds except Win32 Release

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013


latest mac binaries and build fix

update WiX paths


improvements to cancellation code

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

addde libpng binaries to cope with needing to be built for specific platform


Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

fixed crash with XML build when oversampled container has "Default" plug settings in XML.

fixed build probs

Merge branch 'stable_VS2013' of https://synthedit.visualstudio.com/defaultcollection/_git/SynthEdit into stable_VS2013

fixed messed up build setting (don't know why) removed unit tests (missing header, don't know why)

SE cancellation test support working

improved cancelation

Added initial cancellation trace code

Added MAC SEM template files


fixed some build errors

fixed not all new modules added to canvas

fixed build with VS2015

fixed MIDI HD Protocol bug with large controller values.

updated project files to VS2015

unsuccessfil attempt to fix scope resizing

latest binaries

fixed textformat leak fixed vst3 ref counting bugs

fixed leak in DirectX fixed DirectX modules killing timer on redraw

removed faulty oversampling example


fix copytowaves to handle non generated content in GUI.xml

latest from Waves

latest SE

renamed spring and increment

renamed increment and spring

latest Mac build

latest build

added Mac code generator

renamed mac modules in line with PC

VST3 fixes

latest from waves

missing file

Added more GUI examples

VST3 now build with INVER 601 for Windows 7 (was Win 8)

latest SE

latest mac build

attempt fix VST3 AU validation.

updated vst3 to VS2013 platform (was VS2010)


added dragcanvashelper

added mp+midi.h

latest support for WSampler

GUI MOdules can now have enum properties that show as a list. optimised sending plug value.

All voices killed when switching to mono mode. To fix stuck notes FM Lab.

Added Winforms-based 'MDI' windows. Currently disabled, but avail for future removal of MFC.

added copytowaves project

improvements to Waves export


fixed feedback error on snapshot sliders upstream of SS Mgr

tried to speed up module and connector arrange and measure etc

GMPI GUI DirectX mode now handles mouse OK.

IMprovements to DirectX gfx


scrolling structure more responsive at expense of redraw artifacts.

fixed VST Plugin window not sizing correct. Fixed crash on close app (mayby)

SE V1.21910 Released

Waves snapshot modules now sync parameter metadata accross snapshots. "Show on Panel" - fixed containers appearing behind background image.

latest from waves

fix resizing and scrolling of panel view

VS2005 fix

fixed controls not resizeable on panel in release mode.

show title on panel working for sdk3

Move efficient connectors (fewer bindings).

fix some layout bugs.

Fixed no scroll bars on panel.

latest max build

improvements to GUI sizing fixed crash on (not) embedding muted GUi module

removed all MFC memory leaks. All gmpi objects now use smart pointers.

smart pointers everywhere fixed mem leak

fixed drawing bug on patch-automator

fixed crash on exit

fixed crash on exit but now memory leaks




moved it enum list





Added new x-platform modules.

List Entry4 work

Added Mac MaizeSampler.sem

latest mac build

fixed crappy hold pedal

fixed measure routines to allow plugin to control max size. GMPI GUI stuff

latest mac build

fixed ProtectedFile

latest mac build


Fix mac build

fixed note priority and hold synced with waves

vca optimised

latest from jeffs

from jeffs

new file



synced with waves

Added CK test module


scrunched files up for waves

latest build on mac

a few VST text fixes

latest from Waves

latest from mlaptop

latest from jeffs

latest from mac

latest updates for snapshots.

latest mac build

improved MIDI Out glitchyness.


SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2168 available * Fixed crash with Soundfont-Player module. * MIDI-Out - Improved timing accuracy with some interfaces. * VST3 - List-Entry3 entries compounding fixed. * Fix Bender not applied to new notes. * SDK - Communications queue increased to 1MB. * Float Limiter - Fixed crash. * Fixed crash when using multiple MIDI-CVs

latest from laptop

more work on waves parameter scaling

Latest Mac Plugin

fixed pitch-bend crash with multiple MIDI-CV


removed memory-allocating GetRaw() function.

latest mac build

latest mac build

latest from waves

fix bender on new notes.

fixes from Mac build.

latest from jeffs

SEM plugins now define SE_TARGET_SEM

noteexpression added xml.h

laest from waves

renamed note expression folder

latest from laptop

latest from Jeffs

wave in, now handles 24-bit files. osc2 now inits random seed to zero for consistant cancellation.

Added support for Note-Expression.

fixed AU wrapper crashing on exit.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'


attempt to fix vstpluginfactory for mac

added stuff

reverted vstpluginfactory changes

VST3 GUI working in AU Wrapper (Logic X).

VST3 made factory meyers singleton to stop Logic X deleting it.


latest from mac

fixes to xml preset xport

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'


mac fixes

fixed VST MIDI automation not updating GUI.

Scope 3xp working on mac!

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

removed annoying file



Fix Scope xp build.

fixing mac Scope XP build


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'


vst3 - fixed up controls.

Scope XP, fixed hit testing.


Scope Xp mac added

Scope xplatform aded

cross-platform timer.

Scope XPlatform working.

latest from jef

latest from Jeffs

Changed ProcessPlugStateChange to setpin added export support for element2


latest from waves

latest from laptop

removed duplicate project MIDI to Gate

latest from jeff

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2154 available * New right-click menu - "Selection to Prefab". Saves current selection to Insert-menu as a prefab. * New feature - Export Preset to XML file. For exchanging presets between different plugin formats. * VST3 - Fixed Text-Entry transparent on Mac. * Bank Import - Fixed preset names not importing (in SynthEdit). * VST3 - 'Private' Parameters now export OK.

latest Mac Build

fixes for private params.

Unison fixes

fix mac build

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

document treak to VSTGUI text edit

latest from jeffs

latest mac build

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'


mac fixes bitmap hittest

latest jeff

new plugin


undid changes to text edit (didn't work)


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

vstgui text

vstgui fixes

fixing text entry


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'


fixes to VSTGUI

latest from pc


updated gitignore

latest from mac

fixed mac patchmem binary

from mac

restore accidental deletion

mac fixes

mac built

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

mac fixes

mac fixes

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

mac fixes

mac fixes

fix NOVTABLE macro

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

from mac

SE V1.21420

vst3 fixes

x-platform gui lines working(in WPF)

fix measure on gmpi gui

fixed crash vst3

GMPI GUI Working (Rectangles only)

latest DirectX GUI stuff

renamed inverter mac sen, added system command max sen (non functional)

added system command sen on mac

added System Command Module (non functional on mac)

fixed resolvefilename on mac

resolvefilename working in vst3 fixe corrupted background image

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2139 available * VST3 - Image2 right-click menu working. * Fixed crash when control's MIDI automation set to Note-Pitch. * VST3 - Return of the Mac (sub-controls working on Mac export).

Mac assets switched to release mode

added EnveloperAdsr binary

added inverter2 binary

Added mac bpmclock binary

Added missing Mac binaries files

Added Again binary again (hopefully fixed invalid character)

added vst3sdk to ignore list

Added missing mac project misc files.

remove illegal characters from Again project

vst3 plugin building ok on mac

removed VST3 SDK from git control.

trying to delete corrupt path

deleted corrupt folder names

missing vst3 sdk file


latest - corrupt workspace


added part of Again sen binary


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

deleted sem binaries

deleted sem binaries


deleted mac sem binaries

deleted again mac sen

from PC


latest from PC





added mac module binaries

latest from mac

modules projects added to mac workspace

latest from Mac

latest from mac

fixes for mac vst3

renamed template to plugin

Added Template

latest from Mac

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

Rename Mac Project. Copy Template to correct location.

fix for startup CPU spike on DSP side

latest vstgui

added frameworks

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

from mac


missing file

mac fixes


fixes from mac


latest from mac

latest vst gui stuff

mac build fixes


mac fix

mac build fixes

vstgui fixes

fix buggy sort setup


latest from jeffs

fix text entry 3 font alignment

fix build on Win

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

from mac


latest VST3 fixes

beter MIDI cv pitch bend range

lastest 64-bit fixes

latest from Jeffs

laste VST GUI updates

Fix nested containers monophonic.

fix "File open error" vagueness.

fix "File open error"

fixes to max build, and VST3 SDK update

AU validation fix. 0 sampleframes.

Updated VST3 SDK to 3.6.0

latest vstgui


latest fix of waves mods

latest from waves


latest VSTGUI stuff

added new VSTGUI controls

fixed bug in BPM clock at high divisions.


fixed 64-bit build code signing

fixed build for latest Wix made module runtime sorting configurable

Modified run-time module sort to depth-first (2nd improvement)

latest VST3 updates

fix waves xml export

fixed xml export on waves (combo)

improvements to VST3 sub-controls.


depth-first module sort.

latest VST3 code

fix xml export to waves

latest from mac

latest from SE


latest from mac


latest vst gui stuff

latest SD

latest from waves mc


latest from waves

updates from waves

quantizer fix

fixed SEBitmap build.

fix SDK3

fix XML export


much improved sort-order calculation and feedback detection.

add waveshelper

fix quantizer bug

latest from waves

latest work on vst gui

updates from waves.

updates from waves -> SE


latest from SE


removed se_vst.dat


fix VST3s with zero inputs/outputs.

more efficient quantiser

latest mac assets

mac build fixes

fix mac build 2nd time.

started bat file to copy mac assests

updated mc bpmclock sem binary

update mac vst3 template

removed se_vst.dat

fixed BPM Clock in VST3 too fast.

mac fix

latest from waves BPM fixes

aded modulfactory2

fixed use of hypot on waves

doubled sinc filter taps in 4x oversampling


removed se_vst.dat

fixes to BPM clock

fixed tempo sync

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2107 available * VST3 - Fixed possible crash with 'list' connections into oversampled containers. * Change to nested oversampling. * WaveRecorder - Fixed possible crash when oversampled. * Fixed older prefabs unresponsive or not visible on Panel window. * Knob etc - Fixed "Low" value not accepted on or .

MetaFilter: -Fix for Defect 38771, Sync to bars and beats bug. Reviewed by Jeff.

latest from waves side

bettter locking across multiple instances

added new vst3 stuff

fixed critical section

sync with waves

fixed merge screwup

vst3 sub control work

updates from waves

synced with waves

oversampling and sidechain improvements

more efficient sinc upsampling.

SynthEdit 1.2 V 1.2106 available * vst3 - mono plugins now working. * Peak Follower, more efficient on silent signals. * Fixed some bugs with module Replace feature.

rebuilt se vst mac

added files needed for mac vst3

latest Se vst3 mac build

Increased fixed memory pool size for watrix. exported XML more compact to save space.

Waves mac fixes

improved Waves export

updates for latest seqfilter fix peak det

added mac assest harvest scripts

fix vst3 mac build

fix se vst3 build on mac

missing .h

missing xmls

update se vst dat

added mac projects

- Fixed note death with hanging poly connection to un-connected container-io in XML build mode. - Fixed decoding of quoted XML strings into patch memory. - fixes from Waves.

-sync with metafilter

-improved peak det now sleeps - fixed crash export waves.

missing files

updates to waves porting code (cleaner GUI labels)

add modules64 folder

fixing up pnglib

allocatesharedmem bug

add png scripts

added zlib

missing icon



fixed build mypropertysheet

missing files

missing files to bootstrapper

updated signtool location

missing files

missing files


added exta modules source files (including mac stuff)

removed SEMs

ADd vst3 SDK

add libpng

missing files

missing files

missing files


missing files


missing files

missing files



missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

missing files

mising file

mising file

mising file

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

missing header

fixed vst3 base build errors, missing headers

se sln

commit external modules

commit unittest proj

commit setup

commit setup

commit bootstapper

commit bootstapper

commit se-vst3

commit se-vst

commit VST3 base library

commit dspcoretestlib

commit Engine

commit synthedit project

Initial commit to add default .gitIgnore and .gitAttribute files.