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Sending audio to multiple outs... how does this work??

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asked Apr 24, 2010 by LittleStudios (110 points)
I'm testing out SynthEdit, one feature that is critical is sending audio to multiple outputs. For instance, I have 2 Firepods (FP10) which have multiple outputs for sending to effects. I've made a simple drum sample player that is triggered by midi input. If I load a kick sample to be played when note 36 is played, I want that audio to go to my Main Outputs. I've also loaded on a different wave player module a snare sample, but I want this audio to go out to my effect send output of my Firepod (output #3) to a reverb effect. How do I do this. I've tried connecting the kick drum output to outputs 1 & 2 on the sound out module and connecting the snare to the 3 & 4 output on the sound out module. Even though I've done this, all the audio only comes out of the main outs (1 & 2) and nothing out of the effect sends (3 & 4). Is this because I'm using an unregistered version? Is this even possible with a registered version?

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answered Apr 24, 2010 by Guitarbro (1,010 points)
The demo is limited to two outputs.