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Vote on New SEP/SEM Modules

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asked May 10, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
edited May 17, 2010 by aainslie
Some inspiration for all the cool module developers out there. Jeff can't do everything, I personally think that most of his time his time should be spent on improving stability in SynthEdit itself and in the DAWs we intend to use our products in. So put your SEM/SEP suggestions here, by clicking "answer", and with some votes the developers might be swayed to release (commercial or otherwise) a couple of the community's awesome ideas!

Add your own ideas and have fun using Synthedit!

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answered May 10, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
A Delay with a Filter Engine in the feedback path. Your own curve = your own style! Obviously only for specialist users to avoid blowing up speakers and the like.  Should probably load coefficients from a text file to avoid the pin buffering, or maybe a small App? The Sony D7 has this Feature (HS,LS,Peak) and believe me - it opens up alot of possibilities.
commented Jun 17, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
edited Jul 15, 2010 by aainslie
A stereo engine with cross-feedback would be nifty too. Reverse would be awesome, and an internal LFO for auto-panning.
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answered May 10, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
edited May 10, 2010 by aainslie
The ARP LowPass Filter would be a cool module, it's 4 pole - it is characterized that every stage has a 45 degree phase shift at cutoff, so that equals 180degrees in total for 4 stages, so when you mix it with the original you'll get a notch at cutoff as well - for free. It's brilliant.
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answered May 10, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
Distortion with a Linear Region. Tube gear (especially the expensive stuff) does not have a "soft drive" ie. always on distortion characteristic. They have a clear Linear region of operation. Good Tape aswell only actually starts to produce harmonics at plus-minus -10dB its saturation limit. Some very high gain tube gear actually clips much like solid state but a bit softer with a 1dB clip curve. Would be awesome to simulate this.
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answered May 11, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
Rossler and Lorenz Chaotic LFO - never repeats! One is unpitced the other has defined spectral peaks. Can be used to simulate analog drift, sounds fun. Could also be an alternative noise source for organic pad synthy sounds.
Open Source code on musicdsp.org
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answered May 28, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
A simple filter pack (1/2Pole LP,HP,BP,Notch,Peak) that uses RJ's FM modulation analog emulation. Basically a cut-down version. Maybe 32bit that can be modulated. For building R-C type equalizers.
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answered Jun 5, 2010 by xgmode (890 points)
edited Jun 6, 2010 by xgmode
* Dedicated MIDI Slider

No more disabling the readout and using several modules to convert the output of a standard slider to the MIDI range. Use the dedicated one.
( and be able to limit the range.. jeff ;) )
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answered May 10, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
A Single-Sideband Frequency Shifter. DAV has a Bode Frequency Shifter - so why another type? The DAV FS has a initial-on spike quirk - put it infront of a reverb to hear(be warned - put your speakers as low as possible - it's LOUD). Don't get me wrong though I still like the DAV module. The SSB FS has other advantages - it's easy to implement (I built a prefab, but it is stuck at nyquist/4 and not samplerate/4 as it should be)  - 2 Quad Osc, 2 Filters, 4 Ringmodulators. It also has a better time response because it does not use the "Dome Filter" as in the Bode design.
commented May 28, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
Also used in AM radio.
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answered May 10, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
A Delay where delay is created by varying the samplerate, as in BBD analog delay devices. A FIFO stack makes sense in my mind, can also use a ton of Sample and Holds to do it though. Only 3ms to 15ms would be enough, so that we could build true analog style choruses and flangers. PS - the DAZ Bucket does come very close, sleep mode and interpolation would be nice though.
PSS. A LIFO stack would be cool for going in reverse.
commented Jul 15, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
I posted the SnH method in the files section over at yahoo.
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answered May 18, 2010 by aainslie (3,040 points)
An All-Pass Filter with positive or negative feedback so that Synthedit users can make a "real" phaser! Not some other structure that sounds similiar but the real deal - needs a 1sample delay feedback - not a sampleblock...sigh
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answered May 22, 2010 by benalthauser (270 points)
A module that finds the decibel level of harmonics of an incoming audio stream, and outputs them to an "array" output, where the array can be divided into text chunks.

I think this would allow for much more audio related plugins to be built in my opinion simply because music is about the balance of harmonics and overtones.