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Added "layer" for MIDI learn - modulation depth

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asked May 18, 2010 by anonymous
It would be great if there were another popup window after "Assign Controller" where the user could set the amount by which they want the controller to effect the parameter. Default would be 100%, click and drag to reduce the amount. For example Edit>CC>1 - Mod Wheel > 10%.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 14, 2010 by sirsicksik (680 points)
I would like to add that a function-feature would be really neat.
This would be something like this:
incoming midi-signals are first 'scaled' (read as) to 0-1 for easy calculations internally.
0 would be minimum= midivalue 0
1 would be maximum= midivalue 127

For easy calculations (x=incoming midivalue):
x*x= exponential response
1-x=inverted response
int(x*12)/11=in 12 steps
(x/2+0.5)= midi will go from 0.25 to 0.75 (thus from midivalue 31 to 95)

This will allow the synthbuilder to add modulation-options via midi inside the synthesizer, at which each midi-controller signal can control multiple parameters in different ways, adding HUGE flexibility for the user!
Thus, when you do right-click, 'edit', the dialogue will open up showing you midi-channel, controller-type, controller number and a text-entry for the function/algorythm.
I think it would be a great addition....