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Se VST's compile to a standalone app

+9 votes
asked Apr 1, 2010 by TubeOhm (590 points)
It was nice to have the Plugins as a standalone version without the 3rth party host.
commented Apr 9, 2010 by Jef (5,700 points)
Yep, there's a another question already about feature requests, so best to vote on the other one.  To be fair I'll manually add these votes too. This seems to be the top feature request so far.
commented Jun 8, 2010 by triton (460 points)
Hey Jeff, If you manually add these votes too - there could be "double" votes and that would be unfair!

1 Answer

–1 vote
answered Apr 2, 2010 by Kim Prouty (880 points)
This belongs under "Vote on new features you want in SynthEdit"
Jeff you may want to transfer the votes on this post over to that thread as it obvious these votes are for a standalone exe. output.