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Exclusive Flow Control

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asked May 20, 2010 by SimoneCuttlefish (390 points)
Suggesting flow controls that transmit pin activity state.
Example: "One to Many"
Inputs: Input (as it exists already), State Off, State On. So you connect the Input as normal, but also a fixed value to the State On and Off input pins, say, 5 volts to On, and 0 Volts to Off (or maybe a DSP TEXT pin, see below).

When you connect each output destination, an additional "State" pin directly below it appears (on the right) as well as the one you just connected. If this output is selected via the "Choice" option, it's State pin transmits 5 volts, and if it is NOT selected, it transmits 0 volts (in this case).

"Many to One" would behave the same: On and Off state inputs on the left, and a State pin appearing on the right for each connected input.

The State pins would automatically have the same name as the associated input/output pin they replicated for, with a (space ST) suffix.

Rather than "Volts in", perhaps a DSP Text In, with an "additional module" that converts DSP Text to GUI/DSP "anything" (txt, vlt, float, int, bool, whatever). The reason I suggest this is because who knows WHAT Steinberg will come up with next in regards to what can and can't be passed from one container to another (like the GUI INT problem between containers already). I might have that wrong as well - would DSP TEXT ever be considered non-kosher for inter-container communication? But text might give you more option for what gets moved around on the state pins, such as Alpha characters, without having to perform to-from conversions, sometimes on BOTH sides of a container.

Possible Usages:
1) "Paged Panel" control
2) A "Solo" button
3) Transmission of text messages with Choice selection (if the above "DSP TEXT to anything" converter mentioned above was implemented)

Why? Because I'm tired of hooking up patch memories and trillions of 3rd party to/from Data Type to Data Type, DSP-GUI, GUI-GUI, DSP-DSP to GUI/DSP, GUI-GUI, DSP-DSP converters all over the shop...... unless I'm just doing it ALL wrong :)

I am SO gunna get ripped on for suggesting this one ... Let the Flaming BEGIN!

1 Answer

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answered Jun 11, 2010 by Klangmanipulation (470 points)
also a Many to Many switch would be nice.
control the switch by a voltage would be also nice insteed using conversations like "volt to list"