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Copy protection

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asked Apr 1, 2010 by TubeOhm (570 points)
is it possible to build in SE a sound template 'read only' modus ?
So the sound templates in the demo can't be store !??
commented Apr 3, 2010 by Jef (5,310 points)
Someone else also suggested ability to save your VST as a 'Demo' with restricted functionality, for example no patch saving or loading. Perhaps it could always load the DEMO patches and ignore user tweaks?

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answered Apr 2, 2010 by Kim Prouty (880 points)
I'm not exactly sure what your asking but at risk of sounding dumb I will give it a shot. Chris Kerry has a wav encrytion module, David Haupt has modules for license generation. If this is just an analog style synth and you are trying to keep the end user from storing his own patchs you could probably manipulate that with some of the DH stuff. You might try storing your own patch list in a text file look at DH_ControlOverlay DH_Queue DH_Array to store values and forgo using the Patch Automator.

CK_Modules Pack_10 SYSTEM


Sample LOCK Tool:
'Locks' (Encrypts) .WAV files using a 'Keycode'
Locked files will not load into sample editors and the raw sample data encrypts into 'Noise'
Lock/Unlock Keycode:
The 'Keycode' used to Lock/Encrypt the .WAV file (6-128 characters)
Normalise(dBFS): (OFF, 0db,-6,-12,-18,-24)
The .WAV sample will be 'Peak Normalised' to the setting. 0 dBFS = +/-10v
Source Filename:
Specify the source .WAV sample filename (*Source files are not modified)
Destination Path:
Specifies the Destination 'Folder' where the Locked files will be saved
To Use:- Set the Keycode, Normalise and Destination Path then press 'Play'
Select your Source files individually

Also check out Dh Modules at http://www.dehaupt.com DH_KeyGen module is a utility that you use in SynthEdit to generate the License Keys.

There is usually more than one way to do things in Synthedit maybe someone else will offer up some ideas.