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patch cables in vst gui?

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asked Apr 1, 2010 by anonymous
I would like to have the ability to create a vst with point to point patch cables to connect the modules in the GUI.
commented Apr 2, 2010 by SimoneCuttlefish (390 points)
Using patch cables in synthesis is a profoundly "intimate" and "physical" way of approaching sound synthesis compared to say, staring at a grid of source and destination routings, or selecting routings from a drop down list, or worse, cycling through options for routings. It gives you a feeling of tangible involvement with the patch at a glance, that a modulation matrix does not. I would SO love to see this feature.
I used to work in the Creamware modular environment (until the multi thousand dollar cards started rusting :) and loved it. example image http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jun03/images/creamwarescope05modular2.l.gif

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answered Apr 2, 2010 by truezipp (2,220 points)
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answered Apr 2, 2010 by anonymous
This was shown as possible with Synthedit quite a long time ago. I'm pretty sure it was Mokafix who did it, he used to have the prefab available from his webpage. Unfortunately, I don't think his prefabs are still available anywhere. Maybe try contacting him, his website is http://www.mokafix.com/

I do remember that some of his prefabs used old versions of modules (now ancient versions I guess!) that will make it pretty difficult to use these prefabs even if you can find them.

So basically, it's already possible, you just need to work out how it's done! :-)

EDIT: OK the prefabs are still available! lol