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File Properties Reverse GUI Pins on NON standard SE modules only

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asked Jun 11, 2010 by SimoneCuttlefish (370 points)
Would it be helpful if this option had an option to only reverse NON SE standard module GUI pins? So the SE default GUI pins would stay on the same side, but the KDL, DH, et al would draw on the reverse side? This might get scrappy if the old modules ever get updated to draw on the new pin side but till then this may keep the projects under control by avoiding having to shove heaps of converters and sub control PatchMemory mods everywhere just to try to hook up the older mods from 3rd parties.

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answered Jun 13, 2010 by xgmode (890 points)
the idea is nice, but i wonder if this wil happen.
commented Jun 16, 2010 by Jef (5,310 points)
If you're stuck I'll try to find a workarround, a fix, or consider writting replacement modules.
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answered Jun 16, 2010 by Jef (5,310 points)
edited Jun 16, 2010 by Jef
It's not possible to reverse (mirror) only some modules. Although GUI connections are bi-directional there is a difference between the 'inputs' and 'outputs'. e.g. you can't connect an input to another input.
 Imagine you just connected two GUI pins, each set to a different value. Since connected pins share the same value, one must take priority. I'll call it the 'master'. In the old SE 1.0 'master' pins are drawn on the left, like 'inputs'.  This wasn't very intuitive ('inputs' sending to 'outputs').  To fix this SynthEdit 1.1 'mirrors' all GUI pins, 'master' pins now draw on the right.
Very important point: This does not change how modules function.  It is only a change in how SE's graphics are drawn, like holding a mirror up to your screen.

The second confusing change in SE 1.1 - The Container's 'Show on Parent' pin. Previously drawn on the left, this provides the ability to show and hide sub-panels. Like 'tab's or 'pages'. My mistake in putting this pin on the left is that it won't connect directly to a Patch-Mem module, so you can't save/restore what page your synth is on. Version 1.1 moves the pin to the 'other' side. The confusing part is that since 1.1 flips all GUI pins it ends up back on the left.
 Some 3rd party developers wrote modules that worked with the old 'Show on Parent' pin. In SE 1.1 these modules no longer connect easily. Some seem imposible to use as intended. Unfortunatly there is no easy fix for these modules, it may be better to simply re-write them to suit SE 1.1