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Oscillator module phase sync

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asked Aug 31, 2014 by Samplesphere (450 points)
edited Sep 1, 2014 by Samplesphere
Can anyone please help?

I have an oscillator module set up as a tempo sync lfo to modulate various controls on my instrument.

I want the phase to start from its beginning each time a note is pressed.

I've tried setting the Sync X-Fade to false thinking this would do the trick but it doesn't.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

(I'm using SynthEdit 1.1 for this project, not the new version.)

1 Answer

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answered Nov 17, 2015 by Jef (5,650 points)
You can set the Phase-Mod pin to change the phase the Osc sync restarts to.
commented Mar 21, 2017 by Samplesphere (450 points)
Thanks for that Jef.

I perhaps didn't explain what I want to happen clearly enough though.

Is there a way to stop the oscillator running continuously and only start with a note on (MIDI keyboard pressed)?
commented Mar 28, 2017 by Jef (5,650 points)
If you want something monophonic (like an LFO) to trigger or sync to note-on messages, then you need to construct a "MIDI to Gate" circuit, what this is extra container with it's own MIDI-to-CV except set it's polyphony to "1" and its mode to "Mono" (using Polyphony-Control module). Then pass the gate signal out of the container, this gives you a monophonic gate signal inside a polyphonic instrument. It is useful for triggering stuff that is otherwise monophonic.

If what you mean is to save CPU by switching-off the LFO when no notes are playing, then SE's Osc does not support that, 3rd-party modules sometimes do support an "On/Off" pin though.

Hope I understood the question.
commented Mar 29, 2017 by Samplesphere (450 points)
Thanks Jef, that's perfect.