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MIDI Player module reset to MIDI file beginning.

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asked Apr 11, 2017 by Samplesphere (450 points)
Hello all,

Is it possible to have the MIDI Player reset to the beginning of a MIDI file when not playing.

I have the MIDI Player connected to a MIDI to CV which in turn is connected to a Switch (1>Many) via the gate pin as a play/stop control and the Switch is connected to a Trigger To MIDI module.

Any help would be much appreciated.
commented Jun 11, 2020 by Miltan (100 points)
The MIDI record organization was formulated to have the capacity to store any sort of MIDI message, including System Exclusive messages, alongside a timestamp for every MIDI message. A timestamp is basically the time when the message was produced. Utilizing the timestamps, a sequencer can playback the greater part of the MIDI messages inside the MIDI document at an indistinguishable relative circumstances from when the messages were initially produced. As such, a sequencer can playback the greater part of the note messages, and other MIDI messages, with the first "melodic rhythms". A MIDI document can likewise store other data identifying with a melodic execution, for example, beat, key mark, and time signature. A MIDI document is in this way a bland, institutionalized record arrange intended to store a "melodic execution", and is utilized by numerous sequencers. A MIDI record even has arrangements for putting away the names of tracks in a sequencer, and other sequencer settings.

Ref: https://essayjaguar.com/

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