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An array-sequencer with a text-input for the sequence and voltage input for index-selection, as accurate as possible..

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asked Jul 15, 2010 by sirsicksik (670 points)
|--Textinput(array)   |      
|--Index selection(v)|
|                                  |
|   Current value(v)--|

This would make sequencer-building sooooo much more interesting I think (and both CPU saving AND better accuracy when using the right things to drive it)
It is like a list-memory module, only one which doesn't need any conversion modules between then: DSP2gui->module->gui2DSP
When using gui for things which really need timing accuracy, the effect is horrible.. :P though you're rythm sounds more 'natural' (as a noob-drummer who can't stay in sync with himself)

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