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does synth edit gives you the ability for a standalone music player app?

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asked Feb 27, 2013 by tomallon (160 points)
i want to make my own music player, is it possible tom make an exe file out of synth edit and make a stabdalone app?

1 Answer

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answered Mar 9, 2013 by mweetman (140 points)
Yes, you can use SAVIHost to do this.
You will need to generate a VST DLL first. Then put the Savihost.exe into the same directory as your DLL. Then change the name of the Savihost.exe file to the name of your VST. So if your VST is called Instrument.dll, you need to change the name of the SAVIHost.exe to Instrument.exe. It will then work as a stand alone instrument.
It works really well.
Be sure to donate a few ££ to the author.
commented Mar 10, 2013 by tomallon (160 points)
thank ya very much dude