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commercial use // wavetable?

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asked Mar 8, 2013 by calgonite (120 points)

Id like to create a VST Plugin, can I commercially sell them as kind of wrapper to my sound library? Can I do this with a SynthEdit license?

Can I use wav44.1 Samples (Stereo), is Wavestable possible, so I can program own Wavetables?

Thanks in Advance
commented Mar 10, 2013 by Alienoiz (160 points)
I´m not SE creator, but what do you mean realy? do you want to sell your wavetable creation after buying SE, and program the thing...well i guess theres no doubt you can.. Is made for that ..i believe lol ;)

1 Answer

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answered Jul 12, 2013 by Jef (5,310 points)
1 - Yes, You can sell any plugin you make with SynthEdit. There are no royalties to pay.
2 - SynthEdit supports sample playback, but does not ship with a wavetable module (there may be 3rd party modules though).