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Old 3rd party modulese?

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asked Apr 3, 2010 by Guitarbro (1,010 points)
Is there a place to get these freeware modules?

convert control voltage to dBFS
convert dB to control voltage
convert msec to control voltage
SL Fixed GUI Floats
Unkargeth SE Random
La La Basic Osc
BK_Velocity Controller
Nikka FastMix2
dehaupt DH Breakpint input 1.0.2+
deahupt DH_ListBox
dehaupt QuickSine

Most are for the mokafix prefabs so are they around? or are there updated prefabs?

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answered May 11, 2010 by aainslie (3,010 points)
Man, I feel your pain, missing modules drives me insane. I have the BK_VelocityController. The accum is quite new - Rurik Leffanta 06/14/08, should I mail or post somewhere?