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Advanced scope module (for at least 64bit synthedit 1.2)

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asked Aug 31, 2013 by sirsicksik (680 points)
Standardly with synthedit delivered advanced scope module:

-seperate pins for setting speed of A and B inputs

-color-pins for setting color of scope readout (eg. to show which input is shown)

-XY-scope: input A on x-axis, input B on Y-axis.

-mimimum frequency at least 0.25Hz


-inbuild frequency-analyser / numerical readout / scope selection.

-stereo view (two lines, one above, one below in screen)

1 Answer

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answered Aug 31, 2013 by TubeOhm (590 points)
Yes, there was a Scope 3 with time and  trigger functions . This was very helpfull in the past .  It will be very nice if we had the same scope 3 for SE 1.2