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holding <shift> whilst moving element using arrow keys : moves faster

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asked Apr 3, 2010 by daz (240 points)
edited Apr 13, 2010 by Jef
Normally in say, photoshop, gimp, flash, (insert graphics editor here) you have a selection which you can move with the arrow keys, and when you hold down <shift> it moves faster.

In SE, I'd like to be able to hold down <shift> whilst moving the selected items around - left, right, up, down and have the selection move by, say 8(?) pixels per arrow-key-press. At the moment, for each arrow-key-press, the selection moves by one pixel in the relevant direction regardless of the state of the <shift> key ... and when you hold down an arrow key to start moving something, and then press <shift>; the selection stops moving until you press another arrow-key.

pseudo-code :
onArrowkey(){ if(shift){moveby(8)} else {moveby(1)} };

This would make assembling a gui just that little bit more fluid; especially if the transition from 1px to 8px didn't result in the movement stopping, but rather an instant increase in the selection's velocity ;)
commented Apr 3, 2010 by opsis (2,240 points)
linked to grid request.
shifting move to user definable grid step will be nice.

1 Answer

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answered Apr 3, 2010 by Kim Prouty (880 points)
Good Idea .... I second that.