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Patch Automator does not work when exported to VST/dll

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asked Feb 3, 2014 by johnnyg0 (140 points)

I have a problem with Patch Automators in projects saved as VST/dll file.

The standard Synthedit Patch Automator module does not appear in the exported VST/dll file, also any patch automator prefabs do not work (they show up, but changing/copying/loading patches doesn't do anything).

And to make sure it was not because of my project, I tried with a new blank one but I get the same results.

This happens only when projects are exported to VST/dll files, everything works fine in the Synthedit environment. I have tryed with Cubase 5, SaviHost/VSThost and FL Studio 10. And I'm using Synthedit 1.1914 full.

And these are two of the prefabs I have tried.


Thank you for your help.

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