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synthedit MFC error maybe CK_Sampler modules?

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asked Apr 13, 2014 by dmeschter (170 points)
I am reviving an old SE project from V1-07-.  I have uninstalled recent SEs and installed v1.07-. This project worked very well for weeks, but suddenly now causes the "SYNTHEDIT MFC application"  has caused SE to stop...  While trouble shooting I realized that the error would not occur if I removed the Sampler I bulit with CK modules.  Again, these all workeed fine for weeks.  Removing the CK sample I do not get the error.  My CK sample hasMANY CK ad KDL modules - How can i best trouble shooth this?

windows8.1 64bit.  i7/9Gb RAM

1 Answer

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answered Apr 15, 2014 by dmeschter (170 points)
My Mistake!  The issue was caused by an error in a subcontrol that was asking the CK_Sampler module to try to do something silly &/or impossible.

The CK Modules are working just fine.

My Bad