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An option to return 0 or 1 or the incoming non 0 value instead of an error on the /maths/divide module when dividing by 0

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asked Apr 6, 2010 by anonymous
edited Apr 6, 2010
When the /Math/Divide module receives a 0 it creates an error that won't go away until the incoming value is changed and the synthedit engine is restarted. You can see this when connecting a Volt Meter to the divide output.

Would it be possible to have an option to set the Divide module to return 0 or 1 or the incoming non 0 value  instead of an error please? Or something :)

Trust me, the event in the link below will NOT happen:
commented Apr 11, 2010 by chuck death (1,190 points)
I agree with the original post. My preferred option would be to output zero if divide by zero occurs.

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answered Apr 7, 2010 by Guitarbro (1,010 points)
Are you using the latest version? because i have to do it some times and it is fine. if your not i think you can compensate for with a comparator set so B is 0 and the out put is .001 and connect the input to it and the divider and the out put it as well.