SynthEdit Music Plugin (SEM) SDK Version 2

The SynthEdit SDK allows you to make your own Modules for SynthEdit.  SynthEdit modules can process MIDI, audio, and other datatypes such as floating point, integer, and boolean (true/false). Modules may optionally provide custom graphics to extend the SynthEdit interface.
 Music Plugin SDK Version 3 is nearing completion and will be available in 2007.

Getting Started

Installing the SDK

Getting A Compiler

Compiling the Example Modules

Making Your Own Module Project

Upgrading from SDK Version 1

SynthEdit Modules Technical Overview

Questions and Answers - Common queries from the SDK mailing list

Controlling how modules responds to polyphony

Communicating Directly With The VST Host

Getting a filename's full path

Setting a text output pin

Sharing Data between Modules - CreateSharedLookup

Regular Events to The GUI - OnIdle

Modifying se_gain to make your own plug-in

What format is the audio data?

Recommended Plug order

Module Calling sequence

Scheduled function calls

Power Saving - plug 'status'

Power Saving - Multiple process functions optimized for common usage scenarios

Power Saving - putting a module to sleep so that it consumes no CPU when its idle

Auto-Duplicating Pins

Copy protection. Preventing other people using your module

Will the SynthEdit-built plugin's sem folder become embedded in the single VST dll

Merging several modules into one SEM file

Iterating through all clones

Displaying a pop-up menu

Patch Store pins - creating VST parameters and saving data in the patch memory

Communication between DSP and GUI

GUI vs DSP Pin Numbering

Can my modules be included in the official SynthEdit?