Making Mac Plugins

Converting a SynthEdit VST to run on Mac

Get latest SynthEdit 1.3 (64-bit)


Check the file ...\Documents\SynthEdit Projects\Mac Export\MySynth.vst3\sem list.txt, these are the SEMs needed to run this plugin on Mac. The file will indicate which Mac SEM have been successfully found and copied to your mac plugin.

SynthEdit Mac SEMs are found in C:\Program Files\SynthEdit 1.3\mac_assets\modules.

Copy the required SEMs to  ...\Documents\SynthEdit Projects\Mac Export\MySynth.vst3\Plugins\

IMPORTANT: You MUST use Mac SEMS on a mac. These are SEMS built specifically for Mac-only use.

Mac Plugins without the required SEMS will usually open, but not function correctly.