This is the unfinished development version of SynthEdit. It is somewhat unstable and may crash. Please back up your SynthEdit projects before trying the preview. The new GUI is far more demanding of your graphics card as it uses gradients, curves and drop-shadows.

SynthEdit 1.2 msi installers (if you are having problems with the full installers).

SynthEdit 1.2 (32-bit) MSI Installer

SynthEdit 1.2 (64-bit) MSI Installer



1 - With SynthEdit 1.2 modules (SEMs) are stored in two locations:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\SynthEdit 1.2\modules - Modules shipped with SynthEdit only.
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SynthEdit\Modules - 3rd-party add-on modules from other vendors. Please copy your 3rd-party modules here.

Don't copy SynthEdit's own SEMs to the common folder (the ones already in C:\Program Files (x86)\SynthEdit 1.2\modules. If you are using SynthEdit 1.1 alongside Version 1.2, leave your existing module folder as-is. Version 1.2 will not access these.

2 - If you are using an earlier version of the Alpha you may experience a crash on start-up. The fix is to delete the module cache file. ProgramData is a hidden folder. You can get there by typing %AllUsersProfile% into the file exploror location.

  • XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SynthEdit\Plugin-Cache
  • Vista/Win7 - C:\ProgramData\SynthEdit\Plugin-Cache

3 - If you still experience crashes at start-up this may be caused by a problematic module. Temporarily move your modules folder elsewhere. Then try starting SynthEdit again.

Know Issues:

  • On Windows XP menus are very dark and difficult to read.

  • Tooltip Hints do not work on controls in the editor. They will work in your save-as-vst plugins.

  • Playing 'Keyboard' module don't work from PC keyboard.

Known Issues (64-bit)

  • The 64-bit version requires 64-bit modules. Most of your modules are probably 32-bit.  The 64-bit version will load projects containing 32-bit modules, but some modules may be inactive.
  • 64-bit SynthEdit plugins use a new method of drawing the controls called Direct-2D. The reason for using this new method is that it is Mac compatible. Support for 64-bit GUIs (Control panels) is at a unfinished state, some types of controls will not show, some controls will look different in a VST3 plugin.
  • 64-bit SynthEdit will export both VST2 and VST Version 3 Plugins (This is the newest type of VST plugin, and is not supported yet by all DAWs). 32-bit SynthEdit will export only VST Version 2 plugins (These are widely compatible).
  • Mac export is currently not working.
  • SynthEdit made VST3 plugins are unstable in Reaper.
  • Some modules are not compatible with VST3: Float-Scaler (please replace with Float-Scaler2).