Community Resources

Forums - Discussion group for support, collaborating and bug-reports.

SynthEdit facebook

SynthEdit Discord SynthEdit Forum (message board).

KVR Modular Synthesis forum - Good general modular synth forum.

SynthEdit i Sverige - SynthEdit forum in Swedish.

nay-seven - SynthEdit forum in French.

SynthEdit @ DSP Central  - A repository of all things created with and for SynthEdit. - A collection of files and prefabs from the defunct SynthEdit Yahoo Group

Online Resources

SynthEdit Wiki - SynthEdit Tutorials by Cajhmere.

Quick-Start Guide to SynthEdit - At BIPTUNIA

Tutorials by JWP


Visual VST/i-Programming - A Comprehensive Guide to Creating VST-FX and Instruments with SynthEdit. E-Book by Peter Schoffhauzer, David Haupt, and H.G. Fortune.

Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook - This book covers ground that is often left untouched by other synthesizer books and was written to fulfill the wishes voiced by synth programmers.

Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard: From Presets to Power User  Covers learning synthesis with 4 modular environments, including SynthEdit. A little dated now.


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