Installing / Getting Started

Installing the SDK

Unzip the SDK files somewhere. I put them in C:\SynthEditSdk

You should get several folders. se_sdk3 is the core SDK files, the other folders (se_gain, se_delay etc) are SynthEdit modules to use as examples.

3 Compilers have been tested with the SDK:

Microsoft Visual C++

A powerful mature system. SynthEdit and the SDK were written using this compiler, so it's the most compatible.
The Visual C++ Community version is free. Choose "Desktop development with C++" when installing to get the right features.

Gnu C++

Code::Blocks integrated development environment.

This is good, free, modern compiler. See Tutorial Code::Blocks with SynthEdit.

Borland free compiler

This compiler is too old now, it does not work with this SDK.

Test compile a module

Open the Gain folder, open the project file Gain.vcxproj, choose Build Solution from the Debug menu. The module should compile OK showing Build: 1 succeeded.