Installing / Getting Started

Installing the SDK

Unzip the SDK files somewhere. I put them in C:\SynthEditSdk

You should get several folders. se_sdk3 is the core SDK files, the other folders (se_gain, se_delay etc) are SynthEdit modules to use as examples.

3 Compilers have been tested with the SDK:

Microsoft Visual C++

A powerful mature system. SynthEdit and the SDK were written using this compiler, so it's the most compatible.
The Visual Studio IDE Community Edition is free for small developers. Choose option "Desktop development with C++" when installing to get the right features.

Gnu C++

Code::Blocks integrated development environment.

This is good, free, modern compiler. See Tutorial Code::Blocks with SynthEdit.

Test compile a module

Open the Gain folder, open the project file Gain.vcxproj, choose Build Solution from the Debug menu. The module should compile OK showing Build: 1 succeeded.